Make Money Online with Binary Options Trading

Make money trading binary optionsBinary options trading is becoming an increasingly well known type of short term investment, you may hear them referred to by a number of other names but they are all describing the same type of transaction. An option is not a share purchase, it is simply a contract between two parties, if you suggest the price of an item is going up, then the other party says it is not. The person who is right keeps the funds. Once you have decided which direction the price is about to move in you will need to decide a time frame for your expected movement and the price it will reach. You will then purchase an option, in effect a contract, which states that should your prediction be true you will receive a guaranteed payout, if it is not true you will forfeit the money you have invested.

How To Make Money With Binary Options Trading In 3 Steps?

Robot Details U.S.-friendly? Info RATING
BinBot Pro
BinBot Pro Review

Min. deposit: $250
Return: 89%
Binary Option Auto Trading
Binary Option Auto Trading Review

Min. deposit: $200
Return: 86%
OptionRobot Review

Min. deposit: $200
Return: 83%

Submit the registration form, choose one of the binary brokers available with the robot you want to use and finalize the registration process


  1. Decide how much you want to invest
  2. Set up trading parameters - they may vary from robot to robot, however the most common and important are assets to trade. All robots have different assets such as stocks, currencies, indices and commodities. Start your automated trading!

BROKER Details U.S.-friendly? Info RATING

Min. deposit:  $250
Min. invest.: $0.10
Return: 91%
Trading: Binary
Autotrade: GO!
Binary Mate
Binary Mate

Min. deposit: $250
Min. invest.: $1
Return: 92%
Trading: CFD, Forex, Binary
Autotrade: GO!

Min. deposit: $250
Min. invest.: $10
Return: 91%
Trading: CFD, Binary
Autotrade: GO!

We suggest you to open a 3-4 accounts with different brokers in order to insure the optimal number of assets and trading tools.


  1. Select the asset to trade. All trading platforms have different assets such as stocks, currencies, indices and commodities.
  2. Predict where the price will go. If you predict the asset price to go up - select Call; if you think the price will go down - select Put.
  3. Decide how much you want to invest and the expiry time of the option.

Binary Trading And Money Making

The abundance of stories regarding how to make money with binary options trading and the possibility for brokerages to be scams are littered across the internet. In truth both stories are based in non-fiction! The binary options industry has benefited through massive growth over a ten year period. You can select from over four hundred binary options brokers; whether genuine ones or less genuine ones.

The illusion effortlessly generated by many binary options brokerages involves opening an account, depositing some funds and then start enjoying returns of approximately eighty percent. It is even possible to repeat this process several times every day; potentially generating a huge amount of funds; certainly much in excess of any other form of investment trading. Unfortunately, while it is true that significant sums can be made, there are also many examples where significant sums have been lost. In keeping with any investment transaction knowing where to begin is necessary to generate an income using this method of financial activity.

Methods to Make Money With Binary Options

Make Money WIth Binary OptionsChoosing one of the several methods available is not necessarily easy. Fortunately a proven method of generating an income via this financial vehicle is to create a sustainable technique. Adopting the correct approach should enable regular profits plus it will assist you by avoiding chasing huge sums and the inevitable losses.

An essential part of learning to read the market and trade at a profit.. Any chart will show prices for your chosen investment; it will display the past or present information or you can merge the information. This is vital information to help you assess the likely movement in price before you place your next trade. The candlestick chart is seen as a suitable starting point for beginners.

Trading History Is Important

It is not possible to show what any given asset will do as they do not follow an exact pattern. But, there will often be evidence of a loose pattern. This means the potential to notice specific sets of data which will be likely to trigger a change of price direction and signify your trade opening.

Many assets will move consistently one way for several days; this is not to be read as they are about to change direction! Instead it is essential to assess the strength of any trend and, if it is strong, then go with the current movement. You should focus on short term trades whilst applying this trend to improve your probability of success.

Funds Are Essential!

Most businesses ask for $250 as an initial deposit. However, these funds must be disposable meaning that there is no danger of you falling behind on important payment plans should the trades go against you. It is also advisable to develop a money management plan. Even if you are confident that you know a sure tip or are one hundred percent confident in your market reading skills it is advisable to invest a set proportion of your available funds each time. If you do have the wrong information, at least you will have sufficient funds to try again another day!

Binary Options Trading Practice

Before you start any trades it is advisable to use the demo account; most brokers provide this for free after you have opened an account. An alternative involves monitoring offline; then simulate playing. It is recognized as a valid approach to prevent funds being depleted before the opportunity to fully acknowledge the techniques in use. Ultimately this experience will assist generating a consistent income from your activities.

InvestManiacs propose you to use binary option robots to succeed.

Approaches to Ensure You Make Money With Binary Trading

Even small amounts of research should enlighten you regarding the main options for allocating your funds. Gaining a good grounding it techniques available will help to guarantee the correct approach for each situation. The most common and basic approach is simply to state which way a price will move. If you say it will rise and it does you receive a good rate of return. Equally, if you say it will drop and it rises, your investment will be gone. Another popular method of binary options trading is known as touch. Simply agree a price that your contract will reach at some point during the trade agreement. Again, being right then earns a good rate of profit. The third main type is known as range. This is generally a little more complicated. In essence you will decide a top price and a bottom price for an asset. This is the range. Providing your asset stays within that range you will be in the money. Any trade can be completed in just half a minute or a much longer term; such as all day. There are even those who will even offer longer trading periods. You should choose between stock, currency pairs, commodities and even indices.

People Looking to Make Money Online With Binary Options

There is a real possibility that you will be classified as a specific type of trader: knowing what type of trade you prefer will allow you to plan your trades or even decide whether to invest in this way or not.

Take a Gamble

This type of trading is often classified as gambling. This is because every trade results fund creation or fund removal. Adopting this approach is akin to doing no analysis; they will simply listen to their own opinion and possibly a friend. Gamblers tend to be casual regarding money. Bizarrely this is the customers which are most likely to complain the brokerages are rigged against them!


The economic situations in recent years have made it difficult for many investors to generate sufficient sums from their traditional investments. To combat this they are starting to look at how to make money with binary options trading. Their approach is generally cautious as binary trading is seen as a way to bolster their profits. Unfortunately, the investor will often apply the same methodology to binary options as they do to the traditional stock market. This is not an approach which generally works well.


This is where most successful traders find themselves. A little experience can go an exceptionally long way. Perhaps most importantly you should have researched and developed a good understanding of which techniques are involved as well as most likely to work. It is worth noting that what works for one trader does not always work for another. It is advisable to analyze before you purchase any contracts and start receiving your expected returns.


Benefits of Making Money Online while Trading Binary Options

Benefits Of Making Money Online With Binary Options TradingIt is possible to earn a decent income; providing you exercise caution as you place your trades. High risk strategies will generate extremely high returns, but can just as easily result in a loss of funds. A lower return may be more acceptable; your exposure is less and returns generally more consistent. However, with a good technique you should be able to magnify wealth very fast.

It will take moments to create and fund a trade. Any funds are available immediately and even income and bonuses are added to the account instantly; allowing you to place as many trades as you wish or can afford. The reward can be significant returns.

It is possible to make money with binary options trading, providing you adopt the right approach. The proof of this fact is that there are many people who already earn a living this way. Providing you adopt a realistic approach you are likely to be very satisfied with the results! On the assumption that you prepare properly and adopt an array of tactics which sit comfortably with the way you like to trade, it is genuinely possible to raise a secondary income or even replace a main income!

Binary Options - European or American style?

The majority of options are known as European style. These types of options cannot be changed once you have started your trade and the outcome is based completely on the value of your asset at the expiry time.

In contrast, US binary options version, which is also known as the one touch option, simply has to reach your target price within the time period agreed when instigating the trade. These can carry less risk but this is likely to mean a lower rate of return.

InvestManiacs propose you to use binary option robots to succeed. Also please check our brokers top

Binary Time Frames

Most binary options work on short term timeframes; this is simply because it can be very difficult to predict what will happen to a specific asset in the long term; there are too many economic and even political factors which can affect the price of any asset. Most trades will come into force within a minute or two of the trade being completed.

The majority of binary options will trade within a range of between thirty seconds and the remainder of the day, although it is possible to trade for longer.

The Types Of Binary Options

There are several types of binary options but most of them can be classified as one of these two categories:

Cash or Nothing

Before you place your trade you will know exactly what return you will get, if your expectations are correct. This way you will always know how much you could get as a return on your investments and you will know the maximum loss you can make. It is a way of reducing risk whilst investing.

If your asset increases or decreases in value to at least the figure you have predicted then you will receive the agreed return (which includes your original funds),if not, you receive nothing.

Asset or Nothing

In contrast this type of trade is directly associated to the movement of the asset and the price it ends up with.. If you predict it will rise in price and it does, you will receive the agreed payout. For example, you purchase an option which says the share price of a specific asset will reach $20. If it actually reaches $30 you will get $30, if, however, it only reaches $19 you will get nothing.

Why Not To Buy Stocks Directly Instead Of Investing Into Binary Options?

Stocks vs. binary options

Binary options are unlikely to pay the high rate of return which you can get on the stock market if you hit the right share. However, they are also a lot less risky. You always know the maximum amount of funds you can lose; this will never be more than you invested. Purchasing actually shares which crash in price can leave you seriously out of pocket, you may only lose you initial investment but this is complicated by the potential value and even the potential for the shares to increase in value again.

Shares also need to be purchased in fairly large quantities to obtain a reasonable rate of return, this requires a significant amount of funds and it may be difficult to get these funds back at short notice. In contrast this type of investment requires far less capital and always has an agreed timescale; at the end of which you will get the return on your investment.

Importance of Binary Options Broker Proper Choice

Binary options brokers provide you with various trading instruments and platforms, that's why trading interface of every binary options broker can be different. Getting used to any platform may require some time, practice and skills. Same about testing new trading techniques and strategies.

Another important aspects about any binary options broker is its reputation, return rates, deposits and withdrawals, availability of bonuses and its policies regarding the traders from country you are operating from.

So, binary options broker selection process will take some time, however no doubt that the time spent on reading reviews and comparisons of different binary options brokers won't be lost! Taking the right decision in this situation is one of the key factors to make money with binary options trading.

Binary Brokers And Their Features

Binary Options BrokersWhen choosing which binary options broker to invest your funds with you will undoubtedly wish to do some research. This may involve talking to friends and checking reviews on dedicated sites as well as on social media sites. You will also find it extremely useful to review best binary options brokers selection which appears across the internet. Not all of these lists are identical as there are a variety of ways to decide whether a specific broker is one of the top binary options brokers or not. Much of this will depend upon your perspective and what you are hoping to achieve when investing.

However, all of the top ten binary options brokers should have the following key features:

  • Low rates of minimum deposit; the industry average is $250
  • A good selection of assets to choose from when trading; you will need to trade in an area you are already familiar with.
  • An excellent range of options regarding funding and withdrawing to and from your account. The obvious choices are Visa, MasterCard and wire transfer but there should be a good selection of electronic options as well. They should also have a fast response time when you wish to withdraw your funds.
  • A range of welcome incentives to help you start trading successfully.
  • A good rate of return; some brokers will offer in excess of 90%. However, you must balance this against the other perks they offer.
  • Educational material to help you improve your trading ability and become a successful trader.
  • The best possible response when you contact their customer service team. The majority of brokers offer this service all the time and you will be able to contact them via live chat, email or the phone. A few have an amazing live video chat support ( check our BinaryMate review )
  • Positive reviews from existing and past customers; this will show that they are committed to looking after their traders.
  • The best brokers are normally registered and work hard to operate within the regulatory guidelines.


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