Marketsworld Review

This broker is registered in Great Britain and complies with the financial regulations of the UK government. This is one of the most stringent financial regulators in the world; the fact that this firm has chosen to register shows their dedication to providing the best possible service for all their customers.

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The firm has its own website and can be contacted on 01624 679 022 or via email. Even better news for many US traders is that they are eligible to use the services of Marketsworld. The firm also offers a free demo account to all traders; this ensures that all traders are able to find their way around the site and place the right trades at the right time. A demo account can also be exceptionally useful if you are new to trading and want to learn the basic trading skills.

Benefits of Marketsworld

The fact that this firm has been licensed and approved in the UK is a testimony to the fact that this firm is not a scam but is offering a legitimate trading opportunity; allowing traders to make good returns on their investments.

The demo account is free, but it is also available without needing to deposit any funds with the broker. This is unusual in the world of binary options trading as most brokers need you to make an initial deposit which is often matched under a bonus scheme, before you can access the demo account. Creating an account and starting to use the demo account is as simple as entering your real name, email address and creating a password. You will then be presented with the demo account screen and a variety of trading options.

Marketsworld will allow you to trade in a variety of common assets; these include gold, oil and currencies. Trading is incredibly simple. Once you have created you account, you pick the asset you wish to trade, then choose your expiry time, from five minutes to hourly. You will then be able to specify which direction you believe the price will move in and then you can select to start trading. All you have to do then is wait and watch!

It is possible to trade with as little as $1 on each trade; this very low amount makes the broker very appealing to a wide range of traders, particularly those who are inexperienced in binary trading. More experienced traders can put up to $1,000 on each trade. Perhaps more impressively is the ability to start trading with an initial deposit of just $20; making the account perfect for anyone new to the market. This is currently the lowest deposit requested by any broker.

Your funds can be deposited or withdrawn by Visa, MasterCard or even wire transfer. The process is extremely fast and the fees are reasonable.

There is also a selection of trading options to help you trade successfully. You can choose from the traditional price direction trade with a selection of expiry times; these can be as long as the end of the day. The payout percentage is impressively high at ninety two percent suggesting that this broker is well worth trying.


You can choose to trade in Indices such as DAX 30, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the FTSE 100 and even the Ibex 35. There are also a range of currency pairs available, including GBP, US dollar, EUR and the Japanese Yen. Alternatively you may wish to indulge in a commodity such as silver, gold or oil.

The fact that this firm has chosen to register in the UK suggests it is a legitimate site. The UK regulations require a strict set of procedures to be followed and a variety of safeguards to be put into place. These are routinely checked and verified; particularly that clients funds are kept separate from the broker funds. These checks should provide you with peace of mind when choosing to use this service.


BROKER Details U.S.-friendly? Info RATING

Min. deposit:  $250
Min. invest.: $0.10
Return: 91%
Trading: Binary
Autotrade: GO!
Binary Mate
Binary Mate

Min. deposit: $250
Min. invest.: $1
Return: 92%
Trading: CFD, Forex, Binary
Autotrade: GO!

Min. deposit: $250
Min. invest.: $10
Return: 91%
Trading: CFD, Binary
Autotrade: GO!

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