What is binary options bonuses and how to use it?

It is not possible to receive a bonus from a binary broker until you have created an account with them; this is the same for all brokers. You also need to have funded your account with some of your own funds; this is to encourage sensible risk taking and ensure people are not simply making money from the broker’s funds. Once your account has been credited with funds the bonus usually arrives very quickly afterwards. However, it is important to note that the majority of brokers provide terms and conditions with their bonuses. It is common to only be allowed the bonus once; it is usually listed as a welcome bonus or incentive. It is also common for there to be specific conditions attached to the bonus. For example, you may not be able to withdraw your funds until you have traded twenty or thirty times your bonus. You may also need to use your bonus within a specific timescale.

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The best Binary Option Bonuses

As with any scheme there are different types of bonus arrangements depending upon who you choose to create an account with. All of them have the potential to be the best binary option bonus depending upon your personal circumstances.

Deposit Free

This type of bonus is relatively rare in the world of binary trading. In effect the broker will provide you with a set amount of funds simply because you have created an account with them. There is no need to deposit any funds into your account. This is one of the best ways to start trading as the risk to yourself is minimal. The broker works on the assumption that you will enjoy trading and put your own funds in to continue and start generating returns.

The Welcome Incentive

This is a very common approach by brokers; you receive an amount of funds based upon the level of your deposit. The higher your deposit the higher the percentage bonus you will receive. For instance, if you deposit $250 you may receive a twenty percent bonus and $50 bonus funds. If you deposit $1,000 you may receive a one hundred percent bonus and get an additional $1,000 to trade with. As its name suggests, this bonus is only awarded once; when you create your account.

Bonus deposit

The slightly different wording on this bonus shows that although it works in a similar fashion to the welcome incentive, it is possible to get the bonus more than once. Loyal customers can even receive a bonus every time they add funds.

Mobile Bonuses

Many brokers are starting to offer advanced mobile trading platforms which can be accessed whilst on the move. To encourage traders to take advantage of these platforms there is often a bonus associated with signing up to this service. To qualify all you need to do is download the app and sign in.

Friend Bonus

It is possible to get additional funds simply by referring a friend to your broker. As soon as your friend has created an account and funded it you will receive a set bonus credited to your account. Your friend will often receive a bonus as well.

Trading without Risk

Many brokers offer a range of accounts depending upon your deposit level. It is common for the higher range of account s to be granted a number of risk free trades. These are trades which if they are unsuccessful the broker will refund your trade amount and you can try again.

The Practice Account

This is a bonus for new customers who generally have a set amount of time to access the demo account and familiarize themselves with how the trading platform works. It can also be used to test different strategies. The demo account is usually exactly the same as trading for real; except you are using virtual funds.

Regular Bonuses

There is a selection of bonuses available for traders who remain loyal to a specific broker. These are usually provided as a range of special options; additional extras which cannot be received any other way. This may include additional educational resources, personal success managers or even higher rates of returns.

It is very easy to get a bonus, once you have selected your broker you will be able to see which unique bonuses they offer and what you need to do to get the bonus. Then, you simply need to create an account and follow the instructions provided and the bonus will be credited to your account. It is important to remember that all bonuses come with terms and conditions; you may not be able to access your funds until you have complied with them.

Bonus Codes

You will see bonus codes from time to time advertised. These are codes which can be entered onto a specific broker’s website to gain the bonus or incentive advertised. Of course you will need to have an account with the specific broker before you can claim any bonus. You can find websites which list all the currently available codes and this may help in your decision regarding which broker to use.

Follow Up

Once you understand the different bonus options and how to receive a bonus it is important to do additional research of your own. The best binary options bonus for one person is not the best for someone else. You should always base your decision on your own review of the facts and a review of the available brokers. Ideally the broker you choose should be registered and have a good reputation; this will reassure you that you have chosen well. A good range of tools and a helpful customer support department can also be of valuable assistance, particularly when you are first starting trading and are likely to have many more questions.

It is also advisable to seek the opinion of anyone you know who is already involved in the binary trading scheme, they may be able to help you avoid choosing the wrong broker and get your binary trading career off to a good start. No matter which broker you choose their will be a bonus available!


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