Are binary options a scam?

We can assume, that you are really interested in binary options, as you are reading our article, however you doubt to start this business, because you are afraid of dirty tricks… We will introduce you to this topic for you to make sure that you are operating precisely and, most notably, possess complete acquaintance regarding this type of financial product.

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It is proposed to start with a clear definition of this new financial tool prior to clarifying, why there are people, who associate this type of options with scam. After that we will share our detailed opinion on this topic, as well as offer you all the keynotes to raise money in this field without facing the fraud.

Binary options vs. fraud: these are 2 really separate ways of freely making money

We think that the only feature binary options and fraud are similar in is they both are highly profitable! However, what distinguishes one from each other is that the benefit not always is acquired by the investor… It is necessary to begin with learning the two concepts to better understand the subject.

The definition of binary option

Options are typical features of financial contracts. Investors, which are known as “traders”, who operate with these options, call it “option trading”. There is a big number of options of various types available now on the market, which are necessary to recall. Here we are speaking about the options, which are available on-line for all private users during some years already, basically, these are online binary options.

This is, perhaps, the easiest and the most available way of investing your money via Internet. Following their name, these options mean, that there is only one of two possible results in the end of the deal. Also, it is necessary to mention the expiry period, upon which the trade is automatically ended, thus it is possible to call this kind of trades as expired ones. At that moment, both the target of the deal is reached and the trader gets the profit, which was defined at the beginning of the trade (so called the return rate). However, if the target was not reached and the trader failed to make money and the primary investment is being given back to him, this is called loss return.

Brokers are the homepages, which provide the online binary options trading services. There is a big number of such brokers, which provide the following services, for example, trades, promotions, quality of execution, financial tool panel, and client service. The mentioned services usually vary according to particular broker. Some time ago, with the initial launch of such options to the mainstream public, separate brokers were claimed to be scam.

The definition of a binary option scam

In order to define scam it is necessary to mention, that it is a fraudulent action that causes the trader to make mistake with the application of untruthful tools. Scam might appear due to the arranged and, for sure, conscious desire to delude.

You probably, have understood that Internet is full of scam. It is a resource for forming any types of fraudulent actions, for example, spam, phishing, manipulation for earning easy profit, speculation, and so on)

Scam is being intentionally frequent in financial markets, as here there is a big number of searchers for the “Good deal”. Their target is usually the users, who like full trades, promising fixed profit, easy, stable and safe deposit. In reality, we are all like this.

In the actual situations, scam in most cases is deceiving a trader regarding the deposit payback, offering fixed earnings, convincing you in the brokers and their agents being professional. There is a special black book, which is issued by various finance supervisors. Traders should not choose trading via such brokers.

Actually, as it was mentioned earlier, in order to make a deposit it is necessary to join the broker.

As a result, we have the following question – if these fraudulent products have been made only to mislead the traders, or it is just the consequence of the dishonest brokers.

Is it possible to regard binary options as a scam?

Probably you already have visited various forums and seen in many publications, that there are uncertainties regarding the truthfulness of this financial product in general.

Primarily option is a speculative thing. Moreover the term itself accepts the possibility that the result might be not forecastable. Everyone, who plans to operate on the markets, must keep in mind that there are possibilities of both the enormous victories and the losses. However, what the scam is trying to achieve, is to make us trust in the fixed profit and a really exciting and everyday profit, for example, “how to achieve the profit of 7 thousand euro each day with the help of our faultless way of operating on the financial markets”.

A lot of brokers ran in a hurry towards this soft spot offered by the new feature of this type of products, which is available for traders just for some time. However, do not get misguided by the first impression. The concept itself is a lot more significant! Avoid these dishonest brokers and master the methods of secure money earning.

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Binary options are being risky in the very same way as other financial investments on the market. Actually, markets are speculations-based and they bring so much profit only due to the lucky chance.

Claiming that binaries are scam is like making a fast judgment regarding the markets with the conclusion that they are all a giant scam. Even though there are some people, who trust in that, the financial markets do bring profit and it is necessary to get the benefit from them.

Binary options – reliable and monitored

This product is being strongly regulated, which is one of the most serious signs of its quality. Actually, this monitoring includes a lot of procedures and ensures an assurance of safe deposit and a high level of trader’s protection. This is a fast market of a high quality.

As a result, there is a special permit, issued by managing institutions for the safest brokers. It is not possible to do anything scam on this market, which is an evidence that options are not in any shape of form a fraudulent act. Monitoring ensures that markets are being operated in a transparent way. (If you are interested to get more information on this topic, please, look for our publications on regulated brokers)

As you already understand that option market is highly controlled, it is your choice, whether to use it for your benefit or not. Similarly to any kind of depositing, to be successful in this business, it is necessary to operate wisely. Have a look at a short outline on the effective trader:

The ways to benefit from the offered gains: primary terms

Understand the product

In the beginning it is necessary to understand the product itself and the markets in general. Learn how everything operates, figure the current situation on the market, which positions are the best Recently binaries were barely known to some separate traders. However, today they are sufficiently evaluated to provide all the necessary serious means to figure out the operating process. Also, there are various services being worked out every day to help each trader. There is a possibility to record and get acquainted to the market examinations at our homepage below the direction called “analysis”.

It is necessary to choose a serious broker in order to completely learn this information. The offered services, such as client-center and the financial advisors would form the essential team to assist you in this kind of trading.

Select a reputable broker: do not choose scam

The primary principle to follow against scam is not to choose the brokers with exaggerating slogans, for example, “Gaining profit in just ten steps!”, “Make money easily on binary options – fixed everyday return!”, “X broker guarantees victories or gives your money back!”

In order to make a more precise choice regarding the broker it is advisable to study your profile and clearly understand what is expected from the broker. After that it is possible to compare their level of professionalism. The comparative method would be helpful in the process of analyzing different brokers. This will make it easier for you to compare the pluses and minuses of particular brokers. Thus, you will not get misguided with the plenty of information and data, because everything will be systemized for you on your path of searching for your broker.

The second principle is to examine the comments on a particular broker. There are plenty of such comments and you need to examine them with carefulness, as in most cases criticizing is simple in comparison to complimenting… (Look for our publication on comments)

Eventually, the last, but not least principle is control. Actually, selecting a broker under regulation is without any doubts assuring the security and efficiency, although there are a lot of reputable brokers that are expecting their control permit. That is why this principle is not so strict, but more of quite additional nature.

To conclude, it is not a binary options scam, but more a fraud of intermediate agents, which showed themselves as dishonest previously.


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