Ayrex Review

Despite the name of Ayrex still remains mostly unknown, it represents a broker with huge perspectives for binary marketing. The innovative broker system combines tracing both signaling and indicators within a common screen. 

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Just as the smallest deposit allowed, the initial investment has to equal $5. The operation of demo investing can be launched on the basis of $1,000 investment. The broker does not require any previous registration. 

Since the danger of getting into a fraudulent scheme of a false broker still exists, that is critical for a trader to get acquainted with the reliable platforms. The legality of Ayrex is stunning: the platform offers transparent use, return, privacy conditions, and risk regulation instructions. 

The structuring of Ayrex rules provides a clear understanding of the broker functioning to users. Thus, the platform acquaints customers with upfront risk management and enhances the awareness of responsibility regulations on the site. We take the broker as an optimal example for policy writing that can be overtaken by other trading platforms. Still, a lot of them remain fraudulent.

The website of Ayrex represents a policy of AML that is a preventive factor against financial scheming on the broker. 

On the basis of our previous investigations on Ayrex use, we offer you a consistent broker review. 


General Information

The start of the broker functioning dates back to 2014. It was founded in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, within Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd company. Today, the platform has a status of an unregulated platform and is being received the CySEC license. 

The peculiarities of Ayrex

  • Originally-developed basis for trading
  • Demo version use without registration 
  • The sustention of demo competitions with actual financial reward
  • The bonuses up to 30%


Broker Trading

Ayrex platfrom is adjusted to sustaining short-term operations and can be characterized by quick functioning. The broker chart offers a range of candles: 1m, 30s, and 15s. Concerning the options that have short-term functioning features, they may have the expiry in the period from a half to 5 minutes. On the basis of high and low trading, one can install expiration deadline for every quarter in the upcoming hour. The usage of weekly or hourly options is not possible with the given broker. 

Ayrex offer such options as “touch” and “no touch” that assist a trader in receiving target pricing within a one-touch marketing operation. The task for you is foreseeing the influence or the absence of market influence on target values, which has to be done prior to option expiry. 

The payout rate on short-term trades reaches 70%. The possible profit percentage in one touch trading may equal up to 80%. High/low investing is characterized by 85% profitability.

Despite Ayrex asset list, as well as stock availability, is incomplete, one can launch the trading of primary commodities, indices, and currency pairs.

Among the improvements, which are to be imposed on Ayrex, one differentiates the availability of Bollinger bands, averages, software signals. With the installation of listed services, the efficiency of the broker functioning will grow considerably. 

Since the platform runs a mobile system, it is available on any mobile tool. 


Mobile App

One can spot the mobile application for Ayrex on Google Play. It is expected that the app will be accessible on App Store soon as well. The efficiency of application functioning can be checked with the help of the demo version that does not demand previous registering. The app operates an effective design and is characterized by high functioning speed on Android devices. One can sustain exclusively short-term deals that include investments not higher as $5,000.


Demo Version Account

In terms of demo trading, Ayrex is quite user-friendly in offering it free of cost and registration. The only thing that has to be done by a trader is downloading the version and get involved in trading with the initial $1,000 investment. Despite one can not access all available assets in the demo version, it is possible testing all real features of the broker.

Moreover, it was noticed that there is a difference between the real and demo payouts. Thus, while in the actual use it reaches 85%, demo use gives 98% payout. 


Demo Contest 

There is also a real contest option with the financial prizes on Ayrex, the name of which is “Binary Blast.” While everyone can get involved in the competition, money awards can be allocated only to the owners of actual accounts. Today, a winner receives $100 but there is always a possibility for enlarging the sum in case the bigger number of users gets involved. The competition considers short-term marketing and the prizes are given out to a trader, who manages to get the highest profit out of a $1,000 investment. The time scope for a demo trade is one hour. 



The broker possesses excellently prescribed, clear bonus regulations. Typically, trading platforms may lock a deposit against bonus request withdrawal, although the information is not forwarded to a trader upfront.

Although Ayrex may also block deposit and profit account of a client till the withdrawal conditions are realized, with this broker a trader is informed about blocking prior to deposit making and receiving a bonus. Profit regulations are available on the website of the broker, in the category of Hot Offers. 


The Structure of a Bonus

  • $100 deposit – one $10 bonus equals $10 
  • $500 deposit – one $20 bonus equals $100
  • $1,000 deposit – one $30 bonus equals $300

It is possible to deny bonus option, when depositing, if a trader does not wish blocking the resources against withdrawal. In case the bonus is requested, one receives it on the account and has 3 months 


Withdrawals & Deposits

The options for Ayrex depositing, today, are Mandiri,  Fasapay, and Neteller. The smallest sum that must be deposited equals $5. However, it is illogical starting trading with such a small deposit since in this case investment equals $5 too. The transfer options that are to be introduced on the platfrom for deposit and withdrawal are Skrill, UnionPay, MasterCard, and VISA. 

The operation of account verification, according to AML regulations, includes proving the residence place and an ID copy in color. 

After deposit making, the owner of the account becomes responsible for the investing operations, which are sustained on the broker. The feature of multiple trading platforms is that they provide managers, who perform money handling, which often leads to a loss of trader’s resources. In contrast, Ayrex excludes the risk since it is not allowed entering trading with your resources for external users. 

If the account resources are not blocked with a request for bonus, a trader may sustains withdrawals anytime. At the moment of account verification, a trader may typically withdraw resources no later than 3 hours afterward. The time of withdrawing depends on the method of payment. Thus, with Neteller, withdrawal requests are fulfilled in the period less than one hour. It is important considering working hours of the financial service since the latter predetermine the time of processing.


The Investment Academy

The broker does not offer instructional lessons and video recordings. Still, there is a manual in PDF format, which provides full data about the use of Ayrex and may serve as a comprehensive explanation of broker handling, together with a demo version.


User Support

One can reach user service both via telephone and online chat at the working week 24 hours per day. The requests sent through electronic post are allowed as well. The supporting team provides excellent service and prevents customers from making excessive investments. This fact is critical since multiple binary platforms may try to get your resources.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Comprehensive use regulations
  • Original trading basis 
  • Demo trading without registration
  • The availability of demo trading with real financial benefits


  • The absence of regulation 
  • The limitation of payment choices 
  • The absence of daily expirations 


BROKER Details U.S.-friendly? Info RATING

Min. deposit:  $250
Min. invest.: $0.10
Return: 91%
Trading: Binary
Autotrade: GO!
Binary Mate
Binary Mate

Min. deposit: $250
Min. invest.: $1
Return: 92%
Trading: CFD, Forex, Binary
Autotrade: GO!

Min. deposit: $250
Min. invest.: $10
Return: 91%
Trading: CFD, Binary
Autotrade: GO!

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