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This firm was established as recently as 2015 and has chosen to register itself in the UK; showing that it is a serious broker, offering a fair service.  What is most exciting about TradEqual is that it is offering something that no other broker has offered before.  This is the first broker who will allow you to place a trade without them having to accept it first!  Usually binary options trading requires two sides to every trade, one side is you and the broker is the other.  In a break from the usual process, TradEqual are allowing you to choose your trading position and traders can purchase the other side of your trade.

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The platform offers the all new open trading option which will allow you to explore a whole new range of trading options, strategies and styles.

The proprietary software is easy to use and intuitive to find your way around.  Making the trading experience easy and allowing you to focus on placing the right trades.

There is a trial account which gives you complete access to all the facilities and allows you to work out the best trades to place whilst finding your way around the site.


Traders from the US are unable to join this broker at this stage.


The industry standard $250 minimum deposit applies t this account, once the funds are deposited you can choose to invest as little as $15 on an individual trade or as much as $1,000.  Welcome incentives are as high as 100% and the rate of return is an impressive 90%.  You can even choose to invest your funds in Euros, UK Sterling or US Dollars.

Obviously the biggest feature of this site is the ability to write your own trade.  The site allows you to communicate directly with other traders.  This is easy to do via the live chat on the site.  You can then exchange your trade option with someone else to create an exchange.  The idea behind this new style of trading is to place the trader at the centre of any trade.

You can use the trade option you have written yourself, or you can simply sell it to another trader!  Alternatively you can choose to trade in the more traditional style; simply by selecting the right trade from the available options.  A deal between traders can only proceed if both sides agree to the trade.  This approach actually lowers the risk for both parties, although both parties can decide how much risk to adopt, the level of risk must be the same to both sides.  As a result most trades run at a middle level of risk.

Perhaps one of the greatest parts of this type of trade is that you are no longer trading against the broker.  They will have no interest in taking your funds for losing trades; in fact the more successful trades you have the better for them.  Instead of making their money by winning trades against you, their funds come from taking a 2% charge from the invested funds and the return.  This means that if you place small trades the fee will be very small and losing trades will cost you nothing.  In effect you and the broker are working together!

Setting up an account is easy and will then allow you to access their demo facility.  This is an excellent feature as it allows you to familiarize yourself with the site and options available.  As with other brokers, they do offer a welcome incentive which will vary depending upon the amount of funds you deposit.


The site does not need to be downloaded, the software remains on the internet which prevents you from needing to up valuable memory space on your computer and ensures you can access the site from anywhere in the world.  The site is very well laid out, asset options are on the left and prices are on the right.  You can control all the features from the simple buttons in the middle of the screen and, by simply moving down the screen, you will be able to access your current trades.

The site is extremely new and, because it is a new concept in binary options, it currently only offers high/low trades.  However, the range of options will expand.  This makes it very easy to get started as you simply choose an asset from the list, select the direction you believe the price of the asset will move in and then the price you are offering.  This is the amount of funds you will need to pay to the trader that accepts your option; if they are correct and you are not.

To write your own option simply select call or put, specify your risk, establish the profit you would like to make if you are correct and click on ‘write’.  You then need another trader to accept your terms and, if you are successful, you will receive the return agreed; which could be anything from 10% to 1000% of your investment; there is no fixed rate of return as it is controlled by you.

Customer Service

As a new broker this site makes full use of the live chat option which is slowly being introduced to all brokers.  This is the most effective way of contacting customer service.  The team is very knowledgeable and helpful.  They will assist you with any type of enquiry; whether trade related or technical.  The site also offers the opportunity to contact them via Skype or email.


The site accepts a wide range of payment options, from the traditional wire transfer to Visa, MasterCard and even Neteller.  You can deposit as much as $10,000, although trades can be as little as $30 for purchasing options or $40 when writing options.  Of course, the higher the amount of funds you trade with the higher your potential reward.  This is especially true when writing your own trades as you are setting your own risk and return.

You must withdraw at least $100 at a time and all withdrawal requests take three days to process; however, you will need to verify your account before you can make your first withdrawal.

It is already possible to trade with TradEqual, although they are still finalizing the registration process. this is, however, really a formality.


BROKER Details U.S.-friendly? Info RATING

Min. deposit:  $250
Min. invest.: $0.10
Return: 91%
Trading: Binary
Autotrade: GO!
Binary Mate
Binary Mate

Min. deposit: $250
Min. invest.: $1
Return: 92%
Trading: CFD, Forex, Binary
Autotrade: GO!

Min. deposit: $250
Min. invest.: $10
Return: 91%
Trading: CFD, Binary
Autotrade: GO!

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