Option Bot 2.0 Review

Option Bot 2.0 is the second in a series of Binry Option Bot programs that were developed by Gary Davis. This Binary Option Bot is a very popular system that analyzes currency pairs and helps traders to make lucrative investment decisions. The original Binary Option Bot by Gary Davis was released in 2010 and it received raved reviews from traders. This second version was released in 2014 and right now it is the most popular Binary Option Bot available to traders. So I wanted to review this Binary Option Bot and see if it stands up to the test.

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What is the Option Bot 2.0?

This is a Binary Option Bot that you can download onto your personal computer. The software comes with its own tool-bar that is referred to as a “currency automated system”. The tool-bar allows you to synchronize your system with as many as thirteen brokers.

This program allows you to be able to make customized alerts based on your personal trading preferences. This is the only Binary Option Bot that I found that gives the trader this much control over the signal expiry by establishing personalized preference settings.

Is this an Auto Trader Program?

The Option Bot 2.0 is not an auto trader program. This binary option bot has been designed to make price comparisons and analysis of currency pairs based on the preferences you establish for the program.

You can use this binary option bot twenty four hours a day. You will also be offered a live chat and a phone support option, but these services can only be used during market hours. The manufacturer does offer a money back refund to unhappy customers, so you basically get to try this binary option bot risk free.

Proving that the Option Bot 2.0 is Not a Scam

Personally I figured that all of the testimony about this binary option bot had to be made up, because like everyone else I have seen the programs like this one advertised and I have yet to see one of them do what they claimed they could do. I found the majority of all of these programs to be a waste of my time and money and I eagerly anticipated blowing the lid off of the Option Bot 2.0 and revealing it to be yet another disappointment. I did however decide to give the program the benefit of a trial before I put pen to paper and trashed it.

In the first four days of testing, I began to see that it was going to take some time before I could make up my mind about this program. I was prepared to be disappointed and mad, but in those four days the ITM rate I saw during those four days was around seventy four percent. I was feeling a little impressed by this rate, but I was not ready to jump on the band wagon and say the program was the best I had ever seen. Secretly I still believed that this was some type of scam and that I was going to be the one to expose it to the light of day.

I kept my cool and kept using the program for the next three months. With the passing of each week I was sure that the next week was going to show me the flaws in this binary option bot. After three consecutive months of use I was surprised and had to admit that the Option Bot 2.0 is not a scam, and it delivers exactly what it promises to traders.

What I learned about this program in three months of trials

I learned that the Option Bot 2.0 does exactly what the manufacturer says that it will do. My successful trades with this program made me decide to recommend it to anyone who is looking for binary options traders with proven track records of high performance.

I consistently had successful trades at a rate of seventy five percent. Some weeks my success rate was as high as eighty five percent, but it was never lower than seventy five percent. It seemed that I was doing risk free trading by using this program. It analyzed and compared the currency pairs so accurately that it took all of the guess work out of making a trade.

I was impressed by how easy it was to set up my preferences, and by the fact that the program did not lock me into trading options with just one broker. I had multiple brokers to choose from, and I could make multiple trades by clicking one button. The program simplified trading so much that I had more free time to enjoy other endeavors, and yet I was still trading at a higher success rate than I had ever experienced before.

My conclusion is that every binary options trader should have this program. It is that good.


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Binary Option Auto Trading Review

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