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As technologies never stop developing, another evolution in a binary options sphere was introduced – mobile trading. Nowadays mobile trading means that every trader has a possibility to trade with the help of tablets or smartphones without using lap tops or PCs. There exist lots of mobile Forex trading pluses, for example, it is possible to trade from all over the world even if you are on a holiday. Another pro is that tablets and smartphones are smaller than lap tops which gives an opportunity to concentrate and not be distracted by different ads etc. Yet one more plus is the following – it is always more pleasant to use a touch-screen smartphone instead of using a keyboard, a mouse etc. All these positive points make the mobile trading simply terrific and what is more – profitable.

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Platforms for mobile trading

We all know about the existence of regular highly-advanced platforms. The platforms for mobile binary options trading are similar; they are just optimized for mobile usage. Developers of mobile platforms are working on their improvement each and every day to make them the most user-friendly and comfortable for trading. As a result at the moment there are two kinds of such platforms: application-based and web-based binary options platforms.

Application-based platforms

The word “application” speaks for itself. Every trader has a chance to download/install application-based binary options platform on a tablet or smartphone and start using it for making profits. According to users and developers themselves, app-based platforms are more exciting and thrilling comparing with usual computers. Traders simply fall in love with it.

Web-based platforms

Unlike app-based platforms, web-based ones can’t be installed as an application on a smartphone or a tablet. Instead they provide an access to a website of the financial service provider. The web site is also optimized for smartphone usage. Many traders have stated that app-based platforms are more user-friendly, faster and more convenient. What is more, it takes less time to open an app, rather than go to a web site, browse the menu and so on and so forth. Yet it is already a matter of personal taste and here a trader should choose what he/she likes more.

Mobile Brokers

Many brokers offer mobile binary options trading yet not all of them offer the same services:

  • variety of operating systems – no matter what operating system you have (Android, Windows Phone, iOS) a broker must always provide you a platform that would be available on all your devices.
  • variety of devices/gadgets – and again, no matter what device you have (smartphone, tablet etc) a good broker should be capable of providing you mobile trading services on each of these devices.
  • one account – no matter how many platforms you use, it is now possible to trade on all of them by using only one account.
  • iPhone and Android Binary Options Brokers

    Both of them are extremely popular nowadays. iPhone and iOS are considered to be the most elegant whereas Android is more flexible. Having done a little research, it showed that the majority of operators that provide mobile trading services are those of iOS and iPhones. Yet it is always great to have a broker who provides both Android and iPhone binary options as nobody knows what kind of device you would like to purchase in the nearest future.


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