60 Second Binary Options Strategy

One minute is not a lot of time in which to correctly predict the movement of a price! You will barely have completed your trade and it will have expired. In order to use a 60 second binary options strategy successfully it is essential to have a special approach. You need to gain an understanding of what the sixty second options is, which strategies can be used and what difficulties you will face which are unique to this type of binary options trading.

The 60 Second Binary Options Strategy Challenge

Sixty seconds is a very short time in which to decide on a trade and commit to it. This is one of the biggest issues and the cause of all the challenges you will meet when trading using 60 second binary options strategy. In fact, the challenges faced by anyone using the 60 second binary options strategy should be analyzed by all traders as they will assist them in all types of trade.

The shorter the option time the more difficult it is to estimate a price direction. For example, although the price of an asset is generally moving up, it is very rare for this to be a smooth line. In reality the price moves up and down by a few pence all the time with a gradual up or down trend. This means that a short term trade is exposed to huge volatility in the market. The bigger market picture has very little, if any influence in this type of trade.

A sixty second change in price is a result of then supply and demand present in the market. This is affected by who is buying and selling shares at any given moment in time and is virtually impossible to predict for just one minute of time.

Fortunately, there are other factors which can be used to help you assess the direction the price is going to move in. This type of trading relies on technical analysis and not fundamental. This means you must look at what the price is doing and what it has been doing. The past price movements can provide you with a good indication of what the future movement will be. A good example is someone entering a store. You can be almost certain that they will purchase something; but you cannot be one hundred percent certain. In practice you are likely to be right at least ninety percent of the time and this is the odds on which you will trade to ensure overall success. Part of a successful 60 second binary options strategy is accepting that some trades will finish in a loss but, by adopting a consistent approach you will generate an overall profit. The same is true in all types of binary options strategies.

Handling the 60 Second Binary Options Strategy Challenge

You must use a range of analytical charts to help predict the price movements and the market volatility. Trends and candlesticks are two of the most popular approaches. A trend will be represented by up and down movements on the chart; possibly looking like a ‘Z’. This will show the high and the low of the asset; although these do not last long they are long enough to trade against when using 60 second binary options strategy to trade.

The candlestick is another viable option which provides more detail than the standard line chart. A candlestick can display several variables at the same time. These include opening and closing price, highest and lowest price and the current price. This will allow you to see which direction the market is likely to move in based on the data from the last few minutes. With a little practice you can look at just one candlestick and predict the next trade.

A final option is to decide if the moving average is fluctuating much; this will provide an idea on which direction the price is moving in and when and where to place your trade.

Advantages Of 60 Second Binary Options Strategy

Although the volatility of the markets is more pronounced and more difficult to predict when working with such a small time frame; there are several advantages to the 60 second binary options strategy:


With such fast paced trades and higher risks you will benefit from a higher rate of return and the potential to increase your wealth very quickly. Whilst some strategies are much longer duration and you can only place two or three a day, the sixty second approach allows you to purchase an almost unlimited number of trades every day. Assuming you win just sixty percent of your trades you have the potential to generate large amounts of profit in very little time.


Any strategy requires you to analyze the market. The longer the term of the trade the more you will need to analyze; a 60 second binary options strategy needs you to study market movements for the last five minutes. A five minute trade means studying at least half an hour’s worth of movements. Longer periods to analyze will take longer to complete; providing you with less time to trade.

This is why the 60 second binary options strategy is such an excellent starting point for traders with very limited time. With just an hour to spare you can place at least a dozen trades and generate a significant rate of return whilst other strategies may have seen only one or two trades.


Fast trades provide you with the opportunity to learn quickly; you will have to! By keeping the amount of your investment to a reasonable and consistent level you can afford to, make a few mistakes whilst learning. The lessons learned can be applied to all types of trading and will help you decide which strategy works best for you.

In essence the sheer volume of trades you will be able to place will provide you with more experience and education than any other form of training. The 60 second binary options strategy is actually an excellent starting point for any trader.

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