Binary Options One-Touch Strategy

Binary options trading entered the mainstream investment possibilities as far back as 2008. Since then it has grown rapidly in popularity. People with vast experience of the financial markets can trade in this type of option, but, so too can those with no experience. The binary options one-touch strategy is an excellent place to start trading. Understanding the options available you can be a successful binary options trader without any prior market knowledge. Simply studying the market and adopting a cautious, consistent approach will yield returns. In fact, most traders can easily see profits of one hundred and fifty percent.

Binary Options Strategy Choices

There is a huge array of potential binary options strategies available for anyone wishing to trade in binary options. The key is understanding which strategy will work best for you; it is not the same for everyone. The choice of strategy ranges from very basic choices such as simple price direction, to more complicated approaches such as setting boundaries.

The Binary Options One-Touch Strategy Option

This is generally defined as an exotic option. In fact, you simply need to set a price that a specific asset will reach at some point during the length of a trade. The binary options one-touch strategy is straightforward and can provide a good rate of return; making it an excellent starting point for many who are new to the binary industry. It can provide excellent results if used properly.

How To Use The Binary Options One-Touch Strategy

The best way to understand this is to provide an example. Assuming you have an asset which is currently trading at $1.50. Your prediction, based on analyzing charts and watching the market is that the general price direction is upwards. Based on this information you decide that the price will reach $1.75 within the next thirty minutes. You then place an option to this affect, with a rate of return set at 150%. Providing the price of the asset reaches $1.75 you will generate a 150% profit. It does not matter if it touches this price in thirty seconds or in twenty nine minutes and it does not matter if the asset is above or below that price at the end of the trade. All it needs to do is hit that price and you are in the money. This means a $100 trade would give you a profit of $150 when you receive $250 at the end of the trade!

Advanced Options Of Binary Options One-Touch Strategy

In order to adopt this approach successfully you need to be able to predict the movement of the market and how volatile it is going to be. You must know both factors; a volatile market is beneficial to you only if you know which direction the price is about to shoot in. There are a range of options to help ensure your predictions are correct; these include using support points, a variety of averages, pattern identification and the relative strength of the market as shown by- the RSI. The more you become familiar with these techniques the better your trades will be. The binary options one-touch strategy is excellent for beginners of experts.

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