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24Option.com has established a reputation for being fair and competitive; the site is set up to ensure every trader has the opportunity to make successful trades with access to the best analytic tools. Their site is www.24option.com and they have chosen to base themselves in Cyprus; this means they must comply with the CySEC financial regulations. These regulations are set in accordance with the European community.

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The firm can be contacted via the phone on 357 25 262 789 or even emailed at info@24option.com They have chosen to user the Tech Financials platform, this has become known as one of the best platforms currently available. Although there are binary brokers which seek to scam their customers, this broker appears to be legitimate.

Of course, every broker has specific issues which you should be aware of before you start trading with them. 24option has several small flaws which can be worked around providing you are aware of them before you start trading:

Ease of Trading

Unfortunately, there are many people who think that using this type of approach to the trading market will result in a rapid growth in profit. This is simply not possible. Any trader can make a lucky call, but trading successfully long term requires knowledge of the market and the use of a good strategy.


24Option offers a bonus scheme which is in keeping with the offerings from many other brokers. For instance, if you deposit two thousand five hundred dollars with them, they will deposit an additional one thousand two hundred and fifty into your account. However, before you accept this bonus it is important that you understand the conditions which are attached to it. In keeping with most other brokers, you cannot withdraw any of the bonus funds until you have placed a minimum amount of trades. This is not a scam; it is simply ensuring that the broker can afford to give you these additional funds and make some profit themselves.

Trading delay

If you are deciding or monitoring a possible trade you may find it frustrating to have to wait four or five seconds for the price to update each time you re-check the price. In fact, if you have opted to trade just one minute at a time you may find that you miss your intended starting point. This is simply the way their system operates and you must be aware of it before placing a trade.

Getting Started

Once you have opened an account you will need to place your initial funds into the account in order to start trading. Funds can be deposited via wire transfer, credit or debit card (including Visa, MasterCard and Diners),or, by using an electronic system such as MoneyBookers. It is worth noting that all wire transfers must be for a minimum of $1,000.

After you have funded your new account you will be impressed at the range of options available. You can start trading from just $24 and can choose between the basic high or low price direction type trade, the touch or no touch and a multitude of higher risk trades. You can even decide to trade for just one minute at a time, or go for a much longer period.

Returns on investment are generally approximately eighty percent, although this varies according to the type of trade you have chosen to undertake.

The Bonus Scheme

Assuming an awareness of the fine print, you may find the bonus scheme beneficial to your trading style. As already mentioned, 24options will provide a bonus of half your deposit if you put more than $2,500 into your account. Higher deposits are possible which will even provide a one hundred percent match of your funds. It is essential to read the terms and conditions; you will need to trade thirty times the bonus before you can with draw the bonus funds. If you are not comfortable with this do not accept the bonus; this will ensure you can make a limited number of trades and then withdraw all your funds and stop trading or even go to a different broker. Every broker has strict terms attached to their bonuses; it is essential to read them and be happy with these terms; this cannot be stressed enough. This does not mean you should never accept the bonus on offer; merely that you should consider carefully what your motivation and purpose is before you start trading with bonus funds.

There are two simple rules to consider when deciding to accept the bonus or not:

  • If you wish to have some fun or believe that you can successful trade a profit from your bonus; multiple times, then accept the bonus and have some fun!

  • However, if you are looking to trade, hoping to make a return and then remove your funds again you should stay clear of any bonus scheme. They will prevent you from accessing your hard earned cash.

  • Making Money

    It is possible to make a good level of returns by trading in binary options; whether with 24Options or another broker. The fact that 24Options is one of the best brokers in the business will help you to make successful trades. The real trick to becoming a successful trader lies in understanding the markets and building strategies which will help you to capitalize on market movements. This is not a simple process and involves far more than just luck; even the best traders get it wrong sometimes! However, the more you understand regarding the industry, the markets and the options the better a trader you will become.


    24 Options, in common with many brokers, offer you the choice between commodities such as gold, silver or oil. You can also choose to trade in a range of popular currency pairs. These include EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/YEN, USD/YEN and a variety of combinations of these currencies. It is even possible to trade in a range of stocks including Vodafone, Google, Apple and even British Petroleum PLC (BP). Alongside this there is also a good range of indices, including the FTSE-100, Dow Jones and the S&P 500. No matter what type of asset ort trade you enjoy there is something available for you!


    BROKER Details U.S.-friendly? Info RATING

    Min. deposit:  $250
    Min. invest.: $0.10
    Return: 91%
    Trading: Binary
    Autotrade: GO!
    Binary Mate
    Binary Mate

    Min. deposit: $250
    Min. invest.: $1
    Return: 92%
    Trading: CFD, Forex, Binary
    Autotrade: GO!

    Min. deposit: $250
    Min. invest.: $10
    Return: 91%
    Trading: CFD, Binary
    Autotrade: GO!

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