Binary Options Indicators

When you are just starting as a binary option trader there can be a lot of confusing jargon and it can be difficult to know which is the right option as well as which indicators can help you place the best trades. Understanding the range of binary indicators available will help you to improve rapidly; all these binary options indicators can usually be found in your binary options broker account:

Zig Zag Binary Options Indicator

This simply looks like a series of ‘Z’s’ and reflects the top and bottom price of an asset in any given time frame.

Barry.mq4 Binary Indicator

This binary options indicator will show you the support and resistance levels; in effect the highest and lowest points of an asset for an overall period of time. This indicator can easily be added to your price charts using a free download.

Over Indicator

The over indicator refers to when the market is overbought and oversold. This shows when the price of an asset has risen much higher than you would normally expect it to. Assuming there is not another reason for this dramatic increase in price then you can be fairly certain it will quickly return to the normal range. An undersold asset is the opposite; the price is much lower than it normally is. These lines can be added to any chart and will indicate when you should consider purchasing an option which goes against the current price movement.

Current Affairs As Binary Options Indicator

It is essential to monitor the latest news, dramatic economic announcements, whether completed or pending can affect the price and movement of your assets. Even political issues can cause huge ripples in the markets. You may not wish to trade based on the news but you must be aware of the latest information and how it may affect your trades.

Bollinger Binary Options Indicator

This indicator has a moving average in the middle and two other lines. One shows the highest price level and the other the lowest. The bands fluctuate; the further apart the more volatile the market, the closer together the more likely it is to move sideways and aimlessly.

Daily Pivots Binary Indicator

This will illustrate if there are any specific times of day at which your asset pivots. There can be several pivot points per day and it is useful to know when they are.

Harmonic Binary Options Indicator

This binary options indicator shows whether there is a pattern in the prices and represents them as a shape on your chart. This is a more advanced strategy and takes time to learn properly. However, it can be very effective. Once you have mastered them you will be able to assess market conditions by simply glancing at the picture charts.

Fibonacci Binary Indicator

You will be able to see when the price of an asset has bounced or even retracted through looking at this type of chart. This can help you understand when to place an opposite direction trade and when to go with the trend. There are usually a range of levels included in the chart automatically but you will probably find it beneficially to add a few more.

Averages Indicator

The moving averages are actually critical to several different binary options indicators can be used for any time frame and almost any strategy. It simply reflects the average price of your asset over a set period of time.

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