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Binary Options PlatformsIt is not possible or even practical for every binary option broker to design and implement their own platform. If they did they would almost certainly have issues regarding integration with the stock markets around the world and the variety of trades and algorithms which would be needed. Instead, all brokers use one of the established, tried and tested solutions. Each platform has been designed specifically for this purpose although it is possible to personalize parts of it to ensure your customers recognize your site as compared to someone else’s.

The three main software providers are:

  • SpotOption – currently seen as the dominate force in the industry with over one hundred and sixty brokers.
  • Tradologic has approximately half the number of users but has established a reputation for being very user friendly.
  • TechFinancials is the current third option although there are many more recently established firms who are expanding rapidly.

TradeSmarter is one such firm, rapid growth has put them just outside the third spot, but this may simply be a matter of time. These four platforms handle nearly three hundred brokers; demonstrating both how popular and how competitive the binary options trading has become.

There are also a number of brokers which have created their own platforms; this allows them to personalize their sites according to the needs of their customers. This is a complicated process and not one that every broker would wish to indulge in.

The list below shows the feature of the main platforms:

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TechFinancials Trading Platform

TechFinancialsThis platform is usable by many of binary options brokers. It provides a wide range of option types and an impressive range of asset choices. It is also capable of supporting mobile connections. These are currently only available via an Apple phone or an Android phone. The platform supports over twenty five currency asset choices and is used by several of the most well known brokers on the web including Tradorax.

SpotOption Trading Platform

SpotOptionAgain you can trade in either of the main types of options; however this platform has an impressive list of close to two hundred assets alongside the ability to access the platform via a mobile. The software will even allow you to build your own customer market using their dedicated software. This is another program which has proved to be very popular with a wide number of brokers, including Finpari.

MarketPulse Trading Platform

MarketPulseThis software is less common but provides a valuable service to several big brokers. The site has the ability to offer charts and a wide range of option types including one touch. It also provides an option for you to choose from a wide range of expiry times, allowing any trader to be more aggressive or cautious in their approach. Many brokers use this platform including BinaryTilt.

Keystone Trading Platform

KeystoneThis platform has been created and is used by a firm called Top Option. It is designed to offer a huge array of asset choices and provide a variety of graphs and other analytical assistance. This is intended to help support all traders who use their service.


Tradologic Trading Platform

TradologicTradologic platform has an extensive range of analytical and graphical information to help support any decision a trader makes. It is very much aimed at brokers who are attempting to attract professional investors. You can even trade directly from one of the many charts in the application. This site is incredibly flexible, allowing a trader to determine their trade by the profit they hope to make and by the type of option and asset they wish to trade.

Tradesmarter Trading Platform

TradeSmarterThis platform allows the trader to choose the expiration date of their trade. A trader can also see assets and graphs displayed side by side; the multiple views help you to assimilate all the information and respond accordingly. Even the payouts can be customized! The platform allows trades in almost every option conceivable and it is even possible to adjust a trade before it finishes; depending upon how the trade is progressing you can choose to extend it or even increase your risk.



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