Binary Options Scalping Strategy

"Scalping" does not purely relate to Forex trading. The act finds its reflection in binary marketing too. Thus, with binaries, you get a chance to involve scalping into your trading strategy and earn more. The good thing about using scalping is that it allows purchasing many options in a short period and, therefore, making more trades. In detail, scalping presupposes placing hundreds of trades during one day. Accordingly, you get an opportunity to make big sums of money. Concerning the use of scalping in Forex, its distinguishing feature is that the derived profits relate to the amount of pips.

Due to it, the profits are typically too low. The balance may only be increased in case they are put together. In case you use the mentioned method in binary marketing, you have more chances for success. Indeed, even in case there are insufficient value decreases in the course of “call” option trading, you are entitled to get the predetermined profits. The critical thing you have to note is that the profitability increases only if a high-quality strategy is applied. Otherwise, you risk losing your funds.

Still, there should not be anything complicated about the use of binary options. It can be illustrated on the example of the simple techniques, which is described below. The analyzed strategy implies the use of the simplest indicators and shows maximal efficiency in currency marketing. Do not forget that this methodology may be employed only in frames of short term trading (in the course of 60-second trades).

Binary Options Scalping - The Scheme of Charting Installation

The chart has to include three moving averages that are colored in different colors. Mainly, we recommend setting up one red exponential average, which runs on EMA 12 period, a blue exponential average with EMA 26 period, and a green simple average with SMA 55 period.

The timeframe for such chart must have M1 formation.

The sessions, in which trading is allowed, are of high importance too. Generally, trading in the US and London sessions is recommended.

The currency pairs must have a low spread character. For instance, you may employ USD/JPY, EUR/USD.

The provided picture illustrates the act of trading the USD/JPY currency pair on the basis of a M1 chart.

Binary Trading Advices

The key sign, which indicates that you have to purchase a “call” option at the specific point is the cross made from below by 12 EMA average on the other averages involved. It is really one of the simplest trading maneuvers, which can considerable enhance your profitability. Still, prior to applying it on practice, test the 60 second binary strategy in the demo version.

We recommend setting time expirations in the frames between five and ten. In this way, there is enough time for pricing movements.

Concerning the purchase of a “put” option, the signal for taking this step comes from the 12 EMA average crossing both other averages from the above side. As soon as you notice this tendency, you have to wait until a candlestick closes, and perform a buying act then.

Although the scheme of strategy functioning seems quite simple, we still recommend applying it on a demo account first. Moreover, it is always helpful monitoring price modifications on the newly opened platform; just set up the analyzed indicators and observe how the value line progresses.

On the analyzed chart you may view the examples of two successful trades that were placed on a USD/JPY currency pair. Thus, you may see for yourself how profitable you may become in such a short time period.

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