BKTrading Review

BKTrading brokerBKTrading started business in 2015 and are rapidly building a reputation as a fair broker which offers a wide range of customer orientated incentive.  They place the trader first in all matters to ensure a high quality service is provided.  The firm offers rates of return as high as eighty five percent, yet only requires a minimum deposit of $10.  This deposit will allow you to enter two trades at their lowest level of $5.  The more adventurous traders can place as much as $1,000 on each trade.


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BKTrading Advantages 

  • The website is exceptionally easy to use and very customer friendly. 
  • It is possible to trade by watching what other traders are doing. 
  • Has a variety of high risk trades which can provide excellent rates of return; if you are brave enough. 
  • There is a large amount of educational material 
  • It is possible to trade from a Smartphone or tablet; from anywhere in the world. 
  • They have a trial account to help you get to grips with their system and trading in general 


  • The site is a little limited in functions and asset types, but what is there works extremely well. 
  • There are fees associated with transferring your funds out of the broker; these can be surprisingly high. 

Trading Features 

One of the best features of this broker is the educational material available.  You can access videos, e-books and even a wide range of resources regarding market performance, price indicators and trends.  The amount of resources made available to their traders will make it much easier to identify a trend and place the right trade. 


The resources on offer will be useful to all traders, whether you have years of experience or are just starting out.  Even the trial account can be used to improve your ability to trade successfully.  This is an excellent way of testing your theories without risking any funds. 

The website runs on the very popular SpotOption software; currently the leading provider of software for the binary options market.  As with most systems designed on this platform, you will find the site easy to use and navigate.  The information flow across the top of the screen is especially useful. 

You can trade in short time periods or long ones, depending upon your personal preference. The range of options is impressive; you may wish to trade in simple price movements, which generally following the existing trends.  Alternatively you may prefer to be a little more specific about what price it will reach and define your trade according to that.  Currencies are always a popular option and you can choose from a good range of assets to perform each trade.  The site currently has approximately sixty available. 

BKTrading Deposits And Withdrawals

As with most brokers the finance options are easy to use.  You can transfer funds in or out of your trading account by simply using anyone of the mainstream finance facilities.  There does appear to be a fee for withdrawing your funds; this is currently $25 which is a little expensive if you are withdrawing a small amount. 

Your funds are safe with this broker due to the stringent financial requirements implemented by CySEC; which this broker must adhere to.  They also have a good level of encryption. 

Customer Support 

Support can be contacted instantly via live chat; they will offer knowledgeable and helpful advice to assist in resolving any issue.  Their service is fast, professional and friendly.  Contacting them via email can be a little slower than either live chat or the phone.  They will even provide support in several different languages.  

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