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Bonus Capital BonusIt is a wonderful feeling knowing that you have qualified for a bonus and are able to use the free funds you have been given. When this happens whilst trading binary options the free money can actually be turned into a much larger sum; providing you apply caution and research which assets you should be trading on. In fact, almost every binary broker provides a bonus scheme; the majority of them are related to the size of your initial deposit although it is possible to get bonuses for introducing friends or simply for loyalty.

The Boss Capital bonus scheme is one of the best on offer, particularly if you are resident in the US and have limited availability to binary brokers. Once you have created an account you will be able to add funds in a currency of your choice; these include US dollars, pounds sterling and even Japanese Yen. Minimum deposit required before you can start trading is $200. However, if you can commit more funds you can see your Boss Capital bonus rise to fifty percent of your initial deposit; this can be a significant sum of money!

Like many binary brokers, Boss Capital provides a range of accounts with different features depending upon your deposit. Their top account requires a $50,000 deposit; this comes with the fifty percent Boss capital bonus; the result is an impressive $25,000 of additional funds being placed into your account. The bonus will be credited to your account as soon as you place your first trade.

The idea behind this impressive bonus is simply to thank you for choosing Boss Capital and to provide you with the best possible opportunity to make money while trading. There are over one hundred and fifty assets to choose from and a wide variety of trading options, ranging from the basic price direction trade, to the more complex boundary or no touch options.

Trading can be short term which tends to be less risky and more exciting; this can include trades as short as one minute or even thirty seconds. Longer trades, such as hours, days, weeks or even a year are possible and are significantly riskier as it is difficult to predict how any asset will perform in the long term.

Boss Capital offers an array of tools and a range of educational material which will assist you in placing the right trades. Combining this with the Boss Capital Bonus scheme provides any trader with a good opportunity to generate a good level of returns from this type of trading.

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