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Affiliate marketing is a genuine and reputable way of earning money and building a customer base. Unfortunately, binary scammers have become wise to the fact that it can also be used to generate an income for them by misrepresenting the facts to the public.

Is ClickSure Just a Scam?

No! ClickSure is actually a platform which allows firms offering affiliate marketing to advertize to other businesses. The idea is that you list your business and anyone who wishes to affiliate with you and promote your product will connect with you.

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Unfortunately, ClickSure has been found to be very relaxed regarding which products are allowed to operate through it. Binary scammers have realized this and are using ClickSure to generate additional funds for themselves.

A scammer will create a false trading robot and attempt to draw you in with promises of huge returns on investments and seemingly valid testimonials. They generally operate as affiliates and refer you to a broker who pays them commission.

They can then list their trading robot on ClickSure for a lower affiliate rate than they are getting. People will link to this and generate more customers. They earn a commission as does the scammer whilst you, the customer, looses out! The additional promotion of the second round of affiliates can also help to make the software look genuine.

Does the Lapse Approach Make A ClickSure Scam?

ClickSure is based in China and Mauritius which means they abide by a different set of financial rules and are extremely difficult to chase for the return of your funds.

ClickSure has been the subject of many complaints; the affiliate marketers which use this service will often complain regarding the unfair treatment they receive from ClickSure. The response is generally to decline the issue. This enables ClickSure to keep more of the funds and suggest that there is also a ClickSure scam in process!

The firms using ClickSure will often be dubious in nature themselves so will not wish to pursue the issue too far and draw to much attention to themselves. This creates a sub-culture which can be easily exploited by an affiliate scammer.


Is ClickSure a scam? This is hard to say for certain, there is no evidence to back-up how they deal with affiliate marketing complaints. However, the fact that it is generally the more dubious businesses which deal with this firm speaks volumes. ClickSure may not be a scam but they certainly have plenty of scammers operating through them!


BROKER Details U.S.-friendly? Info RATING

Min. deposit:  $250
Min. invest.: $0.10
Return: 91%
Trading: Binary
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Binary Mate

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Min. invest.: $10
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Trading: CFD, Binary
Autotrade: GO!

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