Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to start binary options trading?

  • Select the broker you want to use and register trading account.
  • Choose the asset to trade – USD/JPY, EUR/USD etc.
  • Identify the amount of money you want to use for your investing, make the prediction regarding the price trend. “Call” - if the price will go up, “Put” - if the price will go down.
  • Get your revenue

What kind of trading platforms InvestManiacs may suggest?

You may check the special section on our website dedicated strictly to trading platforms.

Which binary option broker InvestManiacs may recommend?

Please check our binary option broker reviews section in order to make a proper decision.

What about trading strategies? Are there any of them InvestManiacs may recommend?

Please check out our strategies section to read more about benefits and disadvantages of trading strategies. However you may start with trend strategy

Do InvestManiacs recommend to use automated trading software?

Yes. Binary options robot is the most easiest and successful way to start your binary options trading process. This approach will help you to avoid majority of the common mistakes and maximize your earnings.

What is the core idea behind binary options?

Binary options is the type of investment where only two outcomes are possible – loss or profit. The binary options trader knows the income/loss before making an investment.

Call and Put – what it is all about?

These are two possible options used in binary options trading. Call option is for the situation where the price will rise. If your prediction is about price downtrend – Put option is used.

What about expiration time?

Expiration time is the time period in which certain trading expires. E.g. 60 seconds trading expires in 60 seconds. This is the time when you see the outcome of your trading.

What about maximum winning percentage? What does it mean?

It is the maximum profit size you get from your investment. In binary options it is about 75% - 95% depending on the broker.

What about trading from mobile devices? Is it possible?

Yes, you may trade binary options using smartphone or any other device. Read more about binary options mobile trading here.


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