Large Time Frames When Trading Binary Options

Choosing when to trade should and is a difficult and yet essential part of trading in binary options. The wrong expiry time can see a trend reverse and leave you without your investment funds. There is also the potential trade to go wrong; however, the risk is generally negated by studying the market and understanding the asset properly.

It is this information that leads most traders to believe short terms trades are profitable and long term trades are simply open to too many risks, market changes and price fluctuations. However, as with most things in life; this is a matter of perspective. If the data you are studying is short term then you should choose short term trades, but, if you are looking at the bigger picture then you will be able to find success with long term trades.

The key to successfully trading in long term trades is to use the data relevant to your trade. There are many analytical tools on the internet and individual broker sites which will provide information regarding the market movements for the day; this level of information can be very beneficial when trading short term, such as a thirty second trade. However, the information for one day is not sufficient to guide you when looking at trading to the end of the day. You will simply not be able to judge the mood of the market and the history of an asset over the course of a day by looking at one day’s data. For example, it will not allow you to see that the asset always rises in the morning and decreases in the evening. Too successfully trade day options you will need to have access to several day’s trades or even a week or two.

This principle must be applied to long term trades; these are trades which can last days, weeks or even months. In fact, there are a few traders who will allow you to trade for a year. To place one of these trades successfully you must use a much larger time frame for your data. This will ensure your data is relevant to the trade you wish to place and will increase your chance of a successful trade.

It is exceptionally important to study all the information available; this will ensure the trades you place have a high level of success; it is directly related to the effort you are prepared to put in to the trade.

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