Option Bot 2.0 Review

There are many automated trading systems available on-line. But, there are also products which scan the market for you but do not go as far as trading for you; they simply provide the signals and leave you to make the decisions. The Option Bot 2.0 is one such product; whilst this may not be beneficial to new traders it will help you to understand the different strategies and techniques which can be used. This review will help you to decide if the Option Bot 2.0 is for you.

Introduction to Option Bot 2.0

The Option Bot 2.0 is the brainchild of Gary Davis; it is supposed to be so sophisticated that it will only locate trades which can generate returns. Of course, this is an incredibly difficult claim to live up to and suggests this is an Option Bot 2.0 scam.

The return rate is set at 85% and the systems focuses on fifteen different types of currency pairs. It is not only free to use but gives you access to several web based tutorials to assist your learning curve.

However, option Bot 2.0 appears to have extremely poor quality customer support and there is no confirmation that the promised results have ever been achieved. It can also be considered a disadvantage that you are unable to switch Option Bot 2.0 into automatic mode; this increases the chances of missing a trade.

Using the Option Bot 2.0

You will need some knowledge of the markets to successfully analyze the Option Bot 2.0 signals and decide when to trade. You can start by registering with Option Bot 2.0 and an affiliated broker. Once your capital has reached the trading account you will start to receive signals. The trick is then in finding out that Option Bot 2.0 is only free for a week. After this you will need to pay $97; although this is a one-off fee.

InvestManiacs advises you to use only reputable automated trading software - BinBot Pro robot is one of them

Summary– Is Option Bot 2.0 a scam?

It is impossible to say that it is definitely an Option Bot 2.0 scam. However, the lack of substantiated results, the vast number of negative comments and the inability of Option Bot 2.0 to refund funds under their own sixty day guarantee suggests this is one product to avoid. There are much better systems which are already proven to work than the Option Bot 2.0.


Robot Details U.S.-friendly? Info RATING
BinBot Pro
BinBot Pro Review

Min. deposit: $250
Return: 89%
Binary Option Auto Trading
Binary Option Auto Trading Review

Min. deposit: $200
Return: 86%
OptionRobot Review

Min. deposit: $200
Return: 83%

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