Opus Formula Review

Binary investing offers the opportunity to earn an additional income. However, there are many programs which appear to offer valuable services but are actually simply designed to relieve you of your funds. It is essential to review all binary products; particularly the autonomous systems such as Opus Formula. This will ensure you choose a genuine system and not a scam. Read the following review on Opus Formula to find out more.

Introduction to Opus Formula

The Opus Formula is free to all traders, regardless of where you are in the world. It offers returns as high as 88% and can be used fully autonomously. The format is well designed and allows any trader to get the system going easily.

Unfortunately, there are always downsides. The customer support department barely seems to function; you will be lucky to get any response from them! There is also no evidence provided to show that the profits are achievable. Perhaps even more worrying is the fact that Opus Formula does not require their brokerages to be registered. The fact that you have no choice over your broker means you will be using an unregulated broker.

The software was developed by Lex Simmons Jr. The promotional video even talks about scams and mentions a few of the rival products. The film states the software is only open to 100 people but has been running for a year! It is a scare tactic which is quite common within this industry.

Getting Started with Opus Formula

The success rate is set at 96% which is incredibly high. Opus Formula mentions using complex algorithms but fails to specify how these work or what signals are being located.

You will need to register with Opus Formula and then link to one of the approved brokers. As soon as your initial funds hit your trade account the Opus Formula can be activated and the profits will start to arrive. Withdrawals must be in conjunction with the terms and conditions of your broker.

Summary– Opus Formula: genuine or scam?

The sheer number of complaints from dissatisfied traders should highlight the fact that this is not a genuine product. Opus Formula cannot live up to its own hype! Although you cannot categorically state Opus Formula is a scam it is likely to be one and you should use the services of an alternative product.



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