Profits of financial market trader

Many novice traders or people who are interested in the activities in the Forex market, are wondering how much you can earn on the stock exchange? The unequivocal answer to this question does not exist, because the level of income of each trader is rather different and depend on a number of various factors.

What affects the profits of the trader in the Forex market?

Forex strategy chosen by the trader. There are ready-made trading strategies that a trader can use. All this affects the level of profit that the trader can receive. Strategies can be more aggressive or calm; much depends on the objectives and preferences of the trader
The volume and number of transactions made by the trader. Depending on volume of commercial transactions, each trader can receive minimum or maximum income. It is also influenced by the size of the deposit invested. The larger the size of the deposit, the more profit will appear on the balance. However you should not forget about the risk management.
The situation in the market, the direction of the trend and the exchange rate. It is worth noting that a professional trader must take all possible measures in order to increase profit margins by choosing the right strategy, market analysis and competent forecasting. Each day, the trader can earn different profits or even fail. There are different times when trader can lose in one day most of the deposit, but this fact does not prevent them from occupying a leading place in the league table of Forex traders.

During the month the trader can earn from 1 to 100% of the profit. Interest earned is calculated according to the amount of investments.

We offer the statistics, which shows the amount of profit each trader can earn

Experience shows that about 99% of new traders fail and lose all their financial deposits. This is due to lack of experience, which is so necessary for a successful and profitable trading
A professional trader can become so after at least two years of trading. Experts say that traders’ personality is formed during 5 years. The thing is not only in the experience, but also in psychology, and in the development of new habits.

If you want to see the real figures, then see the rating table of traders, which shows the received income of each trader. In such rating you will find successful and less successful participants of the Forex market.

Many also tend to think that traders’ activity is a kind of game that is based only on luck. However, this is a wrong assumption. Traders need to devote much time to self-education, analysis and forecasts of the market to get good and high profits.

Yet it is very important to treat Forex trading as a main activity and not to invest in priority. The trader should just enjoy the process of trading and not to focus on the monetary value of their labors.

Thus, it is difficult to give a definite answer concerning the issue of getting profit. As you can see, this information is influenced by many factors, the behavior of the trader and its principles of trade. But in order to receiver long term income you need to work really hard.

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