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What do you do when you want to find the best binary options automated trading robot? The first order of business will be to locate a number of these software programs and establish what features the majority of them offer as standard fare. Then you have to compare the features and the performance of the selected items to determine which of them works the best. Finally, you are gonna make sure that things the program is capable of are items you’ll use habitually.

Best Binary Options Automated Trading Robot Candidates

There are masses of different trading software robots available for traders today. In an attempt to locate the best binary options trading robot a list of popular ones that traders are using was made up. Then a list of the features that each of the finalist had been made up.

One thing that stuck out on the majority of these programs was that many of them said they could perform at a higher level of success than they actually could. Many of them claimed that over ninety percent of the time they were correct in their predictions, and when they were put to the test they did not predict things accurately that much of the time. That was disconcerting to us and we kept hunting for products that came as close to their claims as possible.

The design and development crew that created the program also gave us some concern. If we discovered that a program was created by the broker that the trader had to use in order to use the program, then we simply did not consider it worthy of our time. We wanted programs created by traders who had learned the ropes by trial and error, and we wanted programs that did not limit the trader to one broker.

After looking over hundreds of candidates, we narrowed the best binary options trading robots list to a group of eight software programs. These eight are:

  • Auto Trading Binary
  • Binary Options Robot
  • TradeStation
  • TradeKing Auto
  • Trader68
  • Global Auto Trading
  • Binary Boom
  • Binary Hedge Fund

Upon taking a hard look at this list of candidates, we quickly discovered that the majority of them were not using up to date brokers for their transactions. Some of the brokers they were recommending were no longer allowed to operate as brokers in the binary trades market. Unfortunately, our list of eight quickly became a list of two.

The two finalists are:

  • Binary Options Robot
  • Binary Hedge Fund

These two software programs met our criteria and in some instances they exceeded our expectations.

In order to make order of the findings I'll tell you after careful review and consideration, I have selected Binary Options Robot as the best binary options trading robot on today’s market. The results from testing were consistent, also the win rate was high enough that it’s profitable for anyone interested to invest in this program.

What Made Binary Options the Best Binary Options Trading Robot Available?

My opinion is that the following things made Binary Options Robot stand out as the best software.

  • The software delivers what it promises to deliver. It does not claim to have a win rate that is ninety five percent. It claims to have a success rate between seventy and eighty five percent of the time and after testing that is the success rate it delivered.
  • It is easy to use and beginners will have no trouble understanding how to set the software up or how to use it. I like things that are simple to use.
  • It does not require you to download anything onto your computer. This is a web-based system so you never have to download anything to your computer. When you begin to have to download things, you often open the door for viruses and malware to enter into your system.
  • It is customizable. The program allows the trader to customize it to their preferences. You are not stuck using settings that another trader likes. You tell the robot what your preferences are and the robot designs all of the comparisons and signals according to what you like.
  • You are not limited to just one broker. There is a wide selection of brokers available and you even have the option to choose more than one broker for your trades.
  • It lets you tell it what indicators you want to have used. The system uses the top six indicators of currency trends and you get to select which ones you have the most confidence in.
  • It will not suggest a trade unless two of the indicators reveal the trade to be potentially lucrative.
  • It works while you are not there. It can be set to complete the trade even if you cannot be there to approve it.
  • There is a free demo account that lets you try it before you buy it.


The best binary options trading robot is Binary Options Robot because it’s versatile and you can customize it to suit your needs.

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