BinaryOptionAutoTrading Alternative Review

BinaryOptionAutoTrading is one of the freshest and interesting binary robot. The team that created this service had executed several successful binary robot projects before.

Their new creation made in working partnership with some really proficient traders is an extremely simple-to-use binary robot. On one hand, it is very user friendly, on the other hand, it gives customers an opportunity to adjust their trading as they see fit. You will spend just approximately 30 seconds to sign up at their website as the procedure is a straightforward one. On your first logging in the account attached to the binary option robot belongs to you.

The single thing you should do is rectifying the binary option robot to satisfy your needs. Having done this, just have a rest and watch the service be working for you.

Really Easy in Usage

This totally automated trading service is really simple to use. As soon as we had created an absolutely free account there, we were forwarded to a trusted broker and can start.

Every broker suggested is a reliable and well-reputated national market player.

We reached out to the customer support via the live chart and in a couple of minutes we had all the necessary settings. As soon as we had finished our adjustment procedure, the robot's trading began. Our first trading experience brought us 12 binary option signals, nine of which were winning and gave us 75% in ratio, and that’s really good.

No Downloading

This system is working round the clock and it doesn’t matter where you are and what you are doing, even your laptop can be switched off. Just make all the neccessary adjustments in the account and the binary option robot will work for you. Never waste your time downloading some software and endanger your security.

How All That Works

BinaryOptionAutoTrading has both experienced traders and advanced algorithms which use historical information along with current market trends to make decisions on the trading. Every customer has an absolutely free possibility to follow signal providers. You are free to decide whom to follow and how to trade on the signal. Just make the necessary adjustments using your dashboard comprising the settings to help you to manage your trading strategy as well as risks.


As we told, our first trading with this service was good enough. 75 % win ratio is really not bad for binary option robots. We may have made more if our setting were adjusted some different way.


The main thing is that Binary Option Auto Trading is absolutely free. Every client trades like a VIP. No any hidden features or unlocking deposits. You may use everything from the very beginning.


BinaryOptionAutoTrading support is available on live chat. They are always ready to help you immediately. The staff is really experienced and ready to give you their helping hand in real-time mode. The other way to contact their support is email. In this case you will be answered in about two hours.

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