BinaryOptionRobot Review

In general, almost all the software we have found is rather user friendly and lots of services offer their unique products. We have also known that automated trading of the past often required traders to be on the internet.

Modern software gives us an opportunity to implement trading even when we are off line. The only thing we have to do is to configure options in the way we need or want. We can set the number of trades we want to hold per day, the sum we can risk during trades, the level of maximum loss per day, and the assets we would like to work with. BinaryOptionRobot is one of the best binary option software which aims to help traders to get their profit smoothly.


This binary option trading robot is really easy to use.  The only thing you have to input is the risk amount we want to take and deposit some money to your account. It was really easy for us to adjust the account options. We hope you also will not have any problems as the only thing you will have to do is to fill in several fields of personal information and to choose a broker you like. They also have a tutorial available for reviewing as well as an access to the customer live.

No Downloads!

Never! Just adjust you account in order it to satisfy your needs and that is all that makes you ready for trading.

Three steps you have to take:

1. Signing up (free of charge) 2. Joining a Broker 3. Depositing

That’s all you need to do to start your trading

How It Works

The binary option robot works thanks to a sophisticated algorithm which analyzes a great amount of previous years’ information to forecast market changes. The most interesting thing is that we made rood profit with it without any understanding of the techniques the website is based on. To start trading you have to deposit some money which amount depends on the broker chosen.


Here returns greatly depend on the risk you want to take. During our test we could gain about 83% returns. It is really easy to change the risk level, the greater is the risk, the more chance you have to make a fortune and conversely.


Software by BinaryOptionRobot is absolutely free but if you want, you may use their paid VIP account with premium features. To get it you need to deposit money within 2 days after the moment of your registration or to refer a new client using your referral link. In this case you as well as the person you have invited will get VIP account for 2 months.

Customer support

BinaryOptionRobot’s customer support is available through usual calls or live chart. Both channels work perfectly you will never wait but get all the answers you want to.

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