Is Ayrex a scam broker?

This broker offers eighty five per cent of payback, and the minimal deposit is just 5 dollars.


This broker became widely known in the entire field due to its specific operating platform and remarkable collection of instruments and qualities. The advantage of this broker is entire simplification of the operating activities and ensuring the possibility to make the deals really quick. Taking into consideration the deposit amount as low as 5 dollars, a selection of more than two hundred operating resources and reach to practical operating through the demonstration profile free of charge results in the great increasing in the clientele of this broker.

Our examined broker has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include unsurpassed operating platform, the deposit sum from 5 dollars, a 30-per cent completely withdrawable bonus, individualized client service during working days, and more than two hundred of operating resources. Whereas disadvantages are as follows – the restricted number of contract formats, as well as this broker is not controlled.

To deposit or withdraw funds it is possible to utilize cards, banking wires or e-wallet.


There are such option kinds as High or Low, Currencies Pairs, One-touch, Ladder or Fx. Expiration periods include time frames from half a minute till end of the day. It is possible to operate through mobile application via Apple or Android gadgets.

General Information

This modern broker possess an increasingly good name between the users all over the world, and is famous for providing high level support in the field. Even though this broker is kind of newcomer in the option trading business, it has attracted great attention from the operating communities mostly due to its operating platform, which is stable, understandable and pleasant why applying.

The operating platform of this broker is both having a special design and it reports that it has a possibility to commit deals within a second. The variety of operating options include High or Low (Calls or Puts),and Short-Term options within the following expiration periods – from half a minute to five minutes, as well as one-touch ones. Also, this platform offers the quality known as Close-Now that allows users to finish the deal whenever they select, ensuring the adjustability of the broker’s platform.

Feel free to operate with over than two hundred currencies, commodity and index types. Regarding the return, this indicator is able to reach eighty five per cent.

To launch the profile you simply need to make a deposit starting from 5 dollars. Along with the operating and educational messages free of charge, this broker provides its users with the possibility to get into win-win conditions. It is possible to add money to your profile via cards, banking wire transfers, and e-wallets.

For the ones who highly evaluate the technical side, be ready that you will get the reply to your questions instantly. Feel free to contact their client service around the clock on working days with the help of emails, phone and LiveChat.

All in all, this platform is modern and user-friendly and provides a great selection of operating resources with remarkable returns. One more advantage of this broker is the payback regulations. The users are able to receive the funds in a full amount or partially. This, of course, has to be yet analyzed, but keep in mind that this broker is not monitored. To conclude, we would like to mention that it is a remarkable platform, along with its general operating proposal that make them stand beyond their competitors.

How it all started?

This broker is St.Kitts- and Nevis-based options broker, powered by Advanced Binary Technologies and was established in the year of 2014, being not monitored at the moment.


Presently there is a bonus from deposited sum of thirty per cent that can be granted for the investments of hundred dollars and more. The size of bonus is selected by user and involves from ten to thirty per cent from the deposit. But if the sum invested is between 100 and 499 dollars it is possible to receive the ten per cent bonus. In case of a deposit between 500 or 999 dollars the bonus will be ten or 20 per cent and if you invest more than 1000 dollars you can select the bonus to be ten, twenty or thirty per cent.

All the profit, including bonuses, deposits and the rest of profits, is withdrawable when the complete amount of transactions surpasses the size of the bonus by forty times. However, this sum could not be more than 10000 dollars and it shall expire in 3 months.


This broker gives its users a possibility for quick and easy taking out the funds any time through the home page. The funds are withdrawn in the very same ways at they were deposited. In order to handle the withdrawing procedure it is necessary to send the following documents, your picture, identification card, and acknowledgment of the residence. In case of cards, it will also be needed to submit the copy of that card in color.

It is possible to withdraw the funds for free once in a month. Every next withdrawing will be charged with the fee on the basis of the withdrawing method used. The minimal fee is five dollars.

Demonstration Profile

Our examined broker is a rare one, which allows users to gain experience via its demonstration profile with the straight access to its homepage. To use this demonstration profile no registration or payment is needed. You just enter the platform and get 1000 of virtual resources to operate with to check the operating practice prior to depositing your own funds.

Is Ayrex Scam?

This broker is relatively fresh and to our minds it provides the specific operating practice through user-friendly platform, enjoyed by each user. Their behavior is open and honest, thus, everything you desire to know is possible to find at their homepage. Every withdrawing aspect and bonus rules are fully clarified in regards to rules linked to them. Such features as remarkable connection to support team and their professionalism make us state that this broker is legal. But in most cases we do advise to sign up for regulated brokers, whereas this one is not regulated.

Mobile Applications

Our examined broker is working on developing the mobile application at the moment and just recently they have launched their pioneer Android app and Apple app is in process. These applications let users work with every advantage of this platform being on their way to somewhere, as well as allow them to check out the actual financial exchange changes and the chance to commit online deals similarly to the Internet-based platform. These applications are suitable both for newcomers and experiences users, as well as are free.

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