Is IQ Option a scam broker?

With the recent establishment date, which relates back to 2013, IQ Option is a relatively new platform for binary trading. If one analyzes the achievements of the broker from the last years of its functioning, it becomes clear that there are no specific features, which would make it stand out. However, there were some decisive changes that made IQ Option operate in a completely new way. The experts claim that the progressive renovations can change the notion of BO trading in future by redesigning some of its major instruments and styles of investing.

The firm is legally regulated by Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission. The owning company, which manages platform’s activities, is called IQ Option Europe Ltd. The mentioned regulation is not the only institutional body that runs the IQ Option operations. Thus, the brand also stands in a close cooperation with Russian Financial Market Center of Relations Regulation. Moreover, the platform relates to Regafi (Register of French Financial Agents). Recently, the trading platform has also launched regulatory relationships with the FCA (the United Kingdom) and CONSOB (Italy). According to these cooperation programs, IQ Option may be considered one of the best well-integrated brokers, in the world of global marketing.

Being aligned with diverse jurisdiction institutions is not the only optimal asset of IQ Option. Thus, its further advantage is that the platform suggests testing the brokers’ functions on the basis of a free demo version, which does not presuppose any additional requirements to be completed by traders. Typically, trading systems that sustain BO operations provide an access to demo trading facilities by means of letting the users registering on the account and making an initial deposit first. The distinguishing feature of IQ Option trading is that it allows launching a trial version immediately after logging into the account with a personal email address.

Due to the fact that the minimal depositing level, which is established by IQ Option, is quite low, the BO trading platform is accessible to a wide range of users. Generally, the smallest deposit sum that must placed on a personal account prior to getting involved equals $100. In contrast to it, if you want to start your investing activity with IQ Option, you are required to deposit only $10. Furthermore, the broker guarantees one of the highest payout rates, which may only be found in the marketing world. Mainly, it provides up to 92% of returns on each trade. It, basically, reveals that the platform may stay in “out of profit” position by giving away the maximum.

The further positive feature of IQ Option, which places it in an advantageous position, in the world of BO marketing, is the excellence of its customer support service. Due to the quick assistance delivery and being accessible in a 24/7 regime, the service guarantees positive trading experiences to traders, as well as contributes to operative problem solving. Moreover, the centers of customer support are situated in different countries all over the world. Specifically, one can find local support services in Turkey, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Italy, Korea, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Indonesia, England, Brazil, China, and Norway.

The fundamental statement that is cherished by IQ Option firm may be formulated as follows: broker success is dependable on the satisfaction of customers with the provided services. Therefore, it would be fair to claim that there are no alternatives to IQ Option, which would offer equally generous profits and trading possibilities. Correspondingly, an IQ Option scam does not exist since the overviewed broker is a legally recognized platform with a wide range of BO trading advantages. 

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