Is Opteck a scam broker?

During my operating practice, as well as writing about this field, we have come across various scam brokers. Unfortunately, users are easily misbelieved. The reason for it is in most cases that they trust in everything. Do not do it.

Each your move in this business has to be based on stable and precise explanation. The following points are necessarily to be taken in the account – success level; proportion of happy traders; kind of platform; is this company controlled.

Conclusion: This Broker is Legal

Check out this analysis dedicated to Opteck. This broker was formed in the year of 2011. I was getting many inquiries for reviewing this broker, so I thought I should do it. Thus, in order to find out if this broker is legal, you can or cannot invest your funds in it, the ways of its operating, go on with this review.

This broker has a homepage with the minimal deposit of 250 dollars.

Operating Platform

Our examined is based on Cyprus and functioning on the platform called Tradesoft, which is really handy and user-friendly. That is why a big number of brokers utilize it.

This platform is known as really efficient one that does not cause problems to its users. Also, this platform is remarkably developed.

Controlled Platform

Our analyzed broker is considered as stable and respective. This broker possesses all the necessary confirmations of acknowledgment and is monitored by CySEC with number 238/14.

The fact that this platform is monitored by a legal organization gives you the feeling of confidence. In case of this broker it is not only its legality being its advantage. The management of this broker claims that their philosophy is to level up the operating benefit via training and technological solutions. And we really like it.

Interesting fact

Our examined options broker goes together with all the required Secure Socket Layer rules.

Additional Qualities

As this broker is controlled, it offers its traders some features. For example, the Educational Center, which provides online video seminars, informative recordings, electronic books and training sessions, etc. These training programs are useful for users of any level.

One more specific quality of this broker is the directory of analysis, which provides information on various kinds of operating policies and the impact of current events in politics and economics globally on the exchange. These articles are prepared in a clear way and are very helpful.

Finally, this broker possesses the around the clock LiveChat and phone client service, which could be reached in nine tongues such as English, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, etc. This is a remarkable feature as the majority of the brokers offer this service only in English.

Kinds of Profiles

There are various operating profile kinds offered at this broker, which traders can select from, as well as there are some with interesting titles. Feel free to select the one that will correspond to your primary investment, bonus types and conditions.

  • Green Profile: The primary investment is 250 dollars and a welcoming bonus is 25 per cent

  • Bronze Profile: The primary investment is 500 dollars and a welcoming bonus is 35 per cent.

  • Silver Profile: The primary investment is 1000 dollars and the welcoming bonus is 45 per cent.

  • The Golden Profile: The primary investment is 5000 dollars and 65 per cent is welcoming bonus

  • The Platinum Profile: The primary investment is 10000 dollars and the welcoming bonus is 85 per cent.

  • The Black Profile: The primary investment is 25000 dollars and the welcoming bonus is 100 per cent.

So, is Opteck Scam?

According to the examination done, we regard this broker as stable and legal. Thus, it is my advise to check this broker out yourself for your beneficial and secure operating

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