Is OptionsXO a scam broker?

OptionsXO is an unregulated binary broker. For many people this will immediately set alarm bells ringing. After all, if they have chosen not to register and have their business regulated they must be simply out to take your money. However, this is not always true! There are genuine reasons why a firm may decide it is beneficial not to register; the problem that leaves you with, is how do you know which is genuine and which is not? There are a variety of ways of ensuring OptionsXO is not a scam.

The best way of establishing this would be to invest some funds and test their systems. However, this means parting with your hard earned cash; not an option most people would be eager to opt for. Alternatively you can invest a chunk of your tile investigating the broker to establish w genuine they are. As this is time consuming it is not the most attractive or practical option. Fortunately, you do not need to do this. You can simply look up the feedback from their existing or previous customers to gain an accurate picture of the firm and their approach to business.

Basic Details

OptionsXO have a professional looking site which can be visited at and has a very simple sign up process. They require a few details and your initial funds of $250; you are then ready to start trading. Whilst some brokers offer a massive selection of assets, OptionsXO sticks to just fifty assets. Whilst this may not provide a huge number of choices when selecting a trade, it does offer the benefit of simplicity. The smaller the number of assets the easier it is to monitor each one and place the right trade at the right time.

Alongside the limited number of assets, this broker works hard to ensure you still have a positive experience when trading with them. A large part of this is done by giving a good range of trading types. These range from the standard option of calculating the direction the price will move in, to selecting a price that it either will or won’t touch. You can even opt for higher risk options which provide a higher return. Trades can be completed in as little as half a minute or on a longer timescale, depending upon your personal comfort zone. The assets offered include something from each of the main market trading instruments, commodities, indices, currencies and stocks.

An additional and useful benefit of this broker is the educational materials they offer to all their traders. You can learn to trade, develop new strategies or study the approaches which other people use; all for free! The better you are educated regarding the strategies, potential and capabilities of binary trading the more likely you will be to make a profit.

Additional Features

As well as the educational resources, OptionsXO goes a little further than many brokers; this helps to assure you that their intentions are good. They will allow you to roll over a trade. In effect, if your trade is running profitably you can add extend the length of the trade and potentially increase your returns. It can even assist with trades that are not going as expected as it will increase your chances of the asset moving in the right direction.

A second option is to double up on your trade. This simply means that when you can see you are going to make a return you can choose to double the initial funds you placed on the trade. This effectively increases your returns with no additional risk.


The general consensus when dealing with this broker is that it is a reputable and hard working site. The excellent design and additional features work well to protect your funds and allow you to maximize the potential of all your trades. Although it may not be regulated, all the feedback is positive which means it is worth serious consideration when choosing your broker. There has been no feedback connecting OptionsXO and scams; this is a genuine firm offering a genuine service.

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