Is uBinary a scam broker?

Examination of the Broker

Is it possible to detect the scam broker? It is the first question every user should ask in this field. The fraud is frequent in this business, that is why it is important to clarify whether the broker you are about to select is scam or it is a respective partner for you. Prior to getting to examination of the particular broker it is necessary to take into consideration that all brokers were made different from the beginning. Similarly to the majority of online businesses, this industry also promises to earn fast money via this new beneficial tool. Usually, they make a pretty looking homepage, which lacks information, but has a button, which attracts all of the attention saying “Deposit here” (right to the profile of the operator). Such scam brokers worsen the reputation of good and hardworking broker, however there are special methods to clarify if your selected broker is a fraud. Let us take a look at main problems.

Withdrawing procedure

One of the most important feature to pay attention to in order to clarify the legitimacy level of the broker, is whether you have the possibility to get your money easily. It is really easy to take your funds out of this broker. Of course, prior to this, it is necessary to authorize yourself, but after you manage to do it, you will have your money at the banking profile (or other withdrawal kinds following your choice) within the period your bank require to handle this procedure.

The client service is caring and precise and always accessible, but we will get back to them in a while. The bonus is not withdrawable, as this is the resource granted to you by the broker in order for you to gain experience without risking your own funds. There is no broker, which will allow you to launch your profile, get the free bonus and then take out all of the funds along with the bonus, thus this is a usual feature of the field.

One more aspect regarding the withdrawing feature at this broker is that it is obligatory to withdraw in the very same way, as it was deposited. However, it is also usual feature in the online business, and in this way it is possible to clarify, if the broker is scam or respective partner.

Client Service

The first clue, showing that it is a scam broker, is the absence of feedback from the client service. If there is no contact-us link, then it is a very high chance that this broker is a scam. In case of our examined broker they offer client service with domestics phone number, emailing and LiveChat services, which ensure immediate reply.

Even though the client service claims that it is reachable around the clock, there are situations, when all operators are busy and you need to standby for some time. Also, on Saturdays LiveChat service is not available. Well... this is not speaking against them, as you understand everybody wants to have rest. The fraudulent broker will always have its operators busy, doubt if they would have the LiveChat service at all, as well as, you may not hope for autoreplies to your email, confirming that they were received, and forget about receiving information to your requests at all.

Maybe, there will be a phone number given, but we think, this number will never be replied. However, in case of our examined broker, any call is replied within seconds, but if it was during day off, you will be contacted when the operating starts again.

Operating Platform

One more aspect to take into consideration, while checking if the broker is a scam is its platform. The majority of operating brokers apply equal programs, thus it is not possible to understand if there are particular programs, as all of them have similar design. But in case of our analysed broker, they offer innovative in-house operating platform, which offers new view, understandable requirements and user-friendly communication.

Next aspect, which says a lot about the legitimacy of the broker is the presence or absence of financial and economic agendas, which give information on the important operating messages. Our analysed broker gives its users all the up-to-date data about the exchange and in order to assist them to gain profit. Meanwhile, scam brokers are not interested in providing information to their users, they only desire to get their investments with no investment and payback. Our examined broker offers operating messages and data to assist clients and commit beneficial deals that is why you may be sure that this broker is respective. To be honest, it is difficult to find any dishonest behaviour at this broker.


Is uBinary scam? If we take in consideration that this broker offers special instruments and general, excellent, beneficial practice for user, it is possible to state without any hesitation that it is a respective and stable broker. This broker is using secure socket layer that is also applied by such giants as eBay and Amazon for accepting investment. Also, it is important to add, that the homepage of this broker is https with the added ‘s’, which means additional safety.

Client service is reachable almost always, along with individual broker that provides exchange messages each day, and experts, who assist you to master the ways of operating. If a broker is a scam, we doubt it will get back to you after you have already made the investment.

Thus, there is no way that this broker is a scam. Enjoy your trading and keep in mind that it is possible to let your funds work for you!

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