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There are positive and negative aspects to any kind of trading; to ensure you select the right options and strategies for your needs it is best to look at as many reviews as possible. On the surface, Binary Options Trading Signals appears to be an expensive way to receive signals and trade. However, if you study the service further you may be surprised at how many positive results it appears to achieve.

What it does

The most common approach when providing signals to traders is to monitor the market and advise traders via email, text message or even Skype that a potentially profitable trade is about to happen. However, Binary Options Trading Signals takes a different approach. Instead of signaling you, it provides you with the opportunity to watch another, professional trader. This means you trade when you want to and not when you receive a signal. It will also help you to understand how the trade is decided on and what signs to look for. As well as watching the professional trader you are able to hear him talk you through each step of the trade; you can even copy him in real time if you wish to. The catch is you will need to be available to monitor him between 9.30 and 11.30 AM.

Starting Up

To get started you simply need to sign up to this signal provider’s account. You will then gain access to a short instructional video and an option to chat will appear on your screen. You can also access an additional instructional video if required.

It is possible to learn from this system and it appears to produce consistently good results. However, it uses a complicated system known as Martingale; to ensure you have the same chance of success you will need to follow the instructions precisely. The system relies on doubling up a trade if your current one is unsuccessfully. This can seem like a risky approach as several unsuccessful trades can result in a significant loss. So far, this system seems to be working for this signal provider.


The principle behind this signal provider is to ensure a profit is generated within each week. Individual days may result in a loss but the week should see an overall profit. To do this you will see and have the opportunity to copy between three and five binary options trading signals each day.

It is not possible to sample the service before you commit to it and the charge for the service is $99 which could be considered high for signaling software. However, it is essential to appreciate you are getting a more personal service and the opportunity to learn. Providing you are prepared to watch, listen and learn there is potential in this service.

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