Binary Options Signals: A Basic Guide

A Basic Understanding of Binary Options Signals

In it’s most basic form, a binary options signal is a heads-up to a possible investment opportunity, showing a binary options trade that another investor has made and allowing a user to match that same trade quickly. In most cases, signals are provided either by successful investors or by software that is used to identify particular trends in a given marketplace. The decision to act upon the signal received rests purely with the signal recipient, allowing great control and insight into the market.

Top Providers in Binary Options Signals in 2016

Some of the most consistently successful binary options signals providers come from brokerage partnering assistance provided through, a site that charges separately for one-time services and offers free trades with a brokerage pairing; Binary Options Pro Signals, which includes a similar fee and offers a nominally-priced trial for new traders; and Signal Push Review, which is focused on automatic trades.

How Did Binary Options Signals Come to Be?

Most successful investors in today’s markets are the product of extensive time spent researching and planning for their investments. Making predictions and forecasts about the ways that a given asset may move within the market can eat up time and energy as thorough analysis is necessary in most cases. For this reason, binary options signals were made to benefit from consistent, reliable information from experienced investors.

How Can I Receive Binary Options Signals?

The quick-moving nature of the binary options world means that it is vital to receive information in a fast and efficient manner. With trades that can be undertaken in as short of a window as 60 seconds, this usually means that signals are offered in one of several ways, which include: SMS or text messages, offering access to information on-the-go; email alerts; or websites in which signals can be viewed once a user is logged in.

How Can I Determine Which Signal Service Will Work Best for Me?

Just about every signal provider on the market today will boast high rates of success and satisfied customers on their internal marketing. However, many of these claims are exaggerated. To overcome this obstacle, an investor can choose to participate in a free demonstration of the platform in order to independently verify the success that they are likely to achieve before committing to a hefty monthly investment. Some platforms do charge a nominal fee for a trial service, but this hands-on experience is usually well worth the charge in determining whether a given provider will be a good fit for your investment strategies.

Other quality services will offer their clients some manner in which to have their money returned if they are not fully confident in the services provided, which can also provide some peace of mind to their trade clients.

What Levels of Profit Can I Realistically Expect?

In the world of binary options, an investor has to meet at least a 55% success rate to avoid losing money on an investment. In general, a signal provider should be able to offer between 60 and 70% success on all signals. However, very few offer win rates that reach beyond 80%, so be careful if a signal provider claims to have reached this rate on average.

Are There Any Specific Strategies That Can Be Useful?

One of the strategies that is often talked about in the realm of binary options is known as the Martingale system. This is a method of gambling in which a person chooses to double the original ante if a round is lost and continues to do so until a win is achieved.

If a given trader is able to get to 60-70% profits, it can be helpful to employ this specific strategy. If a signal provider regularly hits this average figure, it may be time to give this trick a try.

What Timing Factors Should I Consider?

One of the most important things to consider as a binary options trader is what the specific opening price of an asset is before the trade is placed. In most instances, the signal provider will disclose a favorable opening price at which to apply the signal; otherwise, the signal provider may reach a win, but a trader following it may not.

Other Considerations for Success

There are a number of bad brokerage firms out there that employ shady practices designed to make clients provide large upfront deposits, which are then drained down through losing signals. Many of these services also pay returns to those who get other clients to sign up for the service, which perpetuates the presence of the bad brokerage firms on the market. Be cautious of trusting a new brokerage firm without ample research into its claims and services.

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