Signal Push Review

What is Signal Push?

Signal Push is a company that allows trades to be made automatically through their online services. While the cost for the Signal Push automatic service depends on the specific provider that you use, the average price of the service is under $200 each month for active traders.

The Basic Idea

The underlying concept behind the Signal Push service is that you can monitor various traders who are known as “signal providers,” view past actions, and make corresponding trades that match those of the provider. Users can define the kinds of signal providers that they want to follow, each of whom is paid through the monthly fees of the users following them, and to see the success rates of their past trades in advance. However, users can only perform trades through the identical platforms or brokerage services as the signal providers that they are following for the trades to be performed.

How to Get Started

For Signal Push to work, users first have to get the free software and create an account with the service. From there, they can enter into the “Provider Marketplace” to view the various binary option signals. Users can compare the various providers, viewing a basic profile that outlines their trade style, URL, trade success history, and monthly fees to follow them.

To begin making automatic trades based on a particular provider, the monthly access fee must first be paid. Every provider determines their specific fee based on a consideration of the number of trades that they perform and how successful each of those trades has been. While this usually falls in a range of $100-$200, some particularly successful signal providers can max out around $300 each month.

When signal providers are chosen, users can then go into a tool called the “Trade Copier,” which allows them to set their providers and details of their automatic trade limitations. Even for users who are not interested in trading automatically, notifications can be given when a followed provider makes a new trade, allowing that user to decide whether or not they want to follow suit.

Determining Success with Signal Push

One of the best things that Signal Push offers is a ranked listing of signal providers that shows their monthly averages of trades, as well as their average success rates for those particular trades.

In general, signal providers listed on the Signal Push website list a win-rate of about 62. However, the number of trades that the provider performs every week can affect this score. Users can then weigh these success scores against that provider’s monthly charges to evaluation whether or not it is worth the payment.

Signal Rates

While the specific number of signals that will be received daily depends on the providers chosen, on average, users should expect between one and two signals every day. Generally, the providers that offer more signals every day seem to have a smaller rate of success than those who perform fewer trades daily.

What Kinds of Brokers Can Use Signal Push?

Most of the most popular brokerage services are available to be used through the Signal Push site. However, users that wish to make automatic trades through the service need to employ the same specific platforms as the providers that they follow in order to do so, simply so that the binary options can mirror the specific details of the trades made by the signal provider. The most commonly used provider from Signal Push is MarketsWorld, a service that is great for both U.S. and foreign investors.

Perks of Using Signal Push

One of the things that makes Signal Push stand a cut above the rest is the information available through the service. Most of the other similar services out there don’t allow you to see the past success rates of their signal providers. This means that users are not only better informed, but can also assess risks and benefits prior to using the service.

When a user enters the service through affiliate links, they can receive a single month of complementary signals. They also provide a 60% ITM that is guaranteed for the duration of your subscription. If this is not met, users are provided with a 70% discount on the following week’s service.

Additionally, Signal Push is easy to start using, even for novice traders. For those who want a higher degree of control over their trades, manual options are available. Detailed guides on the site’s help page also make it easy to take advantage of some of the more advanced features offered by Signal Push.

Drawbacks to the Signal Push Services

The most significant drawbacks to Signal Push are elevated fees and less-than-optimal win-rates. Paying over $200 every month for providers that do not make a win-rate of over 70% may be a steep price to pay for most traders. Currently, only three of the site’s signal providers have a success rate that is greater than this, and most of these provide only a few signals every week.

For traders that enjoy specific brokerage services, the trade options available for automatic trading may be more limited, as the platforms used must match those of the signal providers. This also means that users who follow more signal providers are more likely to also have to use multiple services.

Additionally, trade limits set by most of the providers that are on the site may limit the flexibility of the traders who follow them.

Should I Use Signal Push?

While there are some great reasons to use Signal Push, the steep costs associated with success on this platform may make it prohibitive for the average trader. In the long run, it is often better to learn how to perform successful binary trade options on your own, rather than simply following after others in the market.

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