Moving Averages Usage While Trading Binary Options

Analysis is essential if you wish to start trading binary options successfully. There are a great many tools available to get you started. However, one of the most popular is the use of moving averages. Unfortunately, despite their importance and their ability to reflect the direction any given asset is moving in. It is important to any successful trader to gain a deeper understanding of moving averages and how they can be beneficial to trading binary options.

One of the most difficult parts of any prediction is the direction the price is likely to move in. Even if it appears to be trending in one direction it can suddenly change; especially if you are trading very short periods of time.

To combat this many traders have started to get to grips with the idea of a moving average. This will show you the average price of an asset over a given time frame and can provide a clear indication regarding which direction the price is moving in and therefore the right approach to trading binary options.

This technique can be applied to almost any time frame. This makes it a useful addition to any strategy. It is commonly believed that the longer the time frame the more accurate the moving average will be. You may even be able to identify up and down trends.

It is worth noting that a specific time allocation is known as a bar. There are a variety of popular bars which are commonly used for moving averages. These are nine, fifteen and thirty. At the higher end two hundred and even one hundred and fifty are common alternatives.

Three Ways Trading Binary Options Moving Averages Help You Avoid Mistakes

The three pieces of information can make the difference between a successful trade or not:

The Trend

It is essential to know which direction a specific asset’s price is moving in. If you do not know this you will be unable to purchases a contract!


If you start to use several different moving averages you will find that they cross each other from time to time. The chart may look like a set of waves. This can be an excellent tool to conduct wave analysis and provide yourself with an idea of the ups and downs in price of the specific asset.


The more different types of lines which are placed on your chart the harder it is to identify the information you need to make a good prediction. Fortunately, adding moving averages will help you to identify the right info and compare the historical price movement. This should assist you in choosing the right approach.

The moving average is an underrated and exceptionally useful tool for trading binary options. It will effortlessly smooth out any trade and allow you to see the information which is important. Although they are not often discussed they are important when looking for the right opportunity and can make a vital difference in being a successful trader.

Options when Trading Binary Options

A good Pinocchio candle will have an obviously long wick which clearly indicates a price trend and that the candle disagrees with the current movement in trend. To ensure your trade finishes in the money you should also ensure you trade after you have evaluated the third candle in your chart. It is this one which indicates the current price trend and provides the guidance you need regarding the right direction to trend in.

Once you have understood and are able to apply this technique you may be surprised at how successful an approach it can be when trading binary options!

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