My Paying Crypto Ads Review

My Paying Crypto Ads was launched in October 2016; you need to create an account with them in order to gain access to their special offers. Offers available through My Paying Crypto Ads are for a range of products; although you will find that one specific product is focused on at a time.

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How My Paying Crypto Ads Works

Creating an account with this business is very easy. It simply requires you to add a few personal details onto the sign-up page. You will then receive your login and password; but you will need to pay certain membership charges in order to qualify for the money generating promotions.

Once you are enrolled you will gain access to a range of promotions; you simply select the ones you want and you will be able to generate a profit!

Your account also gives you a private area where you are able to review your transactions and the level of profit you are making.

In addition, there are a range of products which can be purchased and used to create and promote your own internet based business.

The Facts About My Paying Crypto Ads Scam

The initial premise sounds promising; the funds you pay will be dependent upon the products you wish to use. In return, the site promises profits of 6% or 10%; depending upon the offer you choose. However, the promotional material also goes on to boast about some products which will payout 120%; whilst this is an incredibly attractive proposition; it is highly unlikely that this is actually feasible.

In addition; you may start to question how many additional visitors this service is attracting to your own site. There is little, if any, evidence to substantiate the claims made and many businesses are left unsure whether the service is adding any value to their business.

To illustrate this point you will note the site focuses on an income sharing scheme; however; it is simply not possible to share income if they are unable to generate it in the first place. In effect, the site relies on huge numbers of subscribers to generate the income that it can then share. Without this level of subscribers it cannot pay a profit on any transaction.

Summary of the My Paying Crypto Ads Scam

Put simply, if you enroll with My Paying Crypto Ads you are likely to receive a huge amount of sponsored ads and not receive any additional income from what is, in effect, a pyramid scheme. There are far better ways of promoting your business.


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